Monday, October 24, 2011

Simplicity 2180

Like many of you this pattern has been taunting me from places like:

...and so I finally decided to 'invest' in the plan was to make some birthday dresses for myself. I usually get a new dress for my b'day but this year I really wanted to make some with my lovely liberty stash!

I used the Lauren Child Tuesday Trees Print which I adore and thought would be totally wasted on a dress for the girls!

So here it is...I really wanted to do some red piping to bring some definition to the lines of the dress but time was short and the red I had was not quite right and I thought if I had put it in it would have driven me crazy forever!

As it was I JUST finished the dress with 5 minutes to spare to wear it out for the night! It's still a few weeks to my birthday but we were heading out on the town and I had NOTHING to wear!



Close up of back with bad ironing job!

Front - with the same bad rush ironing job!

Fancy posing in the backyard!

Trying to get a good shot of the back...

This one is a bit better mid-twirl!

And a nice little kick to end the modelling session!

The pattern came together well...even better when I actually read the instructions and didn't have to re-do things because I am not psychic...some of the stitching was pretty dodgy but I got to re-do it...but it's still probably best if you don't look inside!

I look forward to making some more with this pattern...maybe some with the red and black polka dots or flowers...and I might even attempt some pipping...stay tuned!



  1. Hubba Hubba worth every bit of your investment and last minute rush ... you're looking very gorgeous, very stylish Darling :~)

  2. That dress looks fabby on you, and you rmodelling is grand! Good on you for giving the pattern a go. I think I will try one for me. I never sew for myself.

  3. What is the possibility of putting in an order - i LOVE this dress - looks amazing!!!


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