Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space

Since last week I completed the first crochet blanket I ever started (check out it's mad flying skills above) finished the name quilt and pillow and sent a little Ponyo costume off to Florida...this week...

(A sneak peak at this weekends Strawberry Shortcake party...) all about party prep and cleaning up of the house (FUN!)...barely a sewing machine needle will be so sad...unless I get onto those jeans I need to mend...hmm...that sound like a lot of fun too!

For more creative people who are probably actually doing something AMAZING today look HERE!

If you are up for a giveaway head over HERE...I have really enjoyed reading the responses to this one!

For some previous evidence of craftiness here are the dresses I made for Amelie for her birthday (and Clementine for the party):

Strawberry Shortcake

Birthday Dress


and little Apple Dumpling

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My first crochet blanket...

...this was my introduction to granny squares way back when.

Wow...over 8 months ago...for shame!

It has been sitting in my workroom ever since waiting patiently as other granny square blankets were pieced together and sent out in the world. But eventually it's time arrived and it was lovingly crocheted together. A reward for such patience was a lovely scalloped border...

welcome to the world little one...let the celebrations begin...


...the story of the dress HERE...

Matching Polka Dot Pillow

Such tiny little letters....they were a bit of a challenge! I prefer the nice big letters myself! I did the big dot little dot contrast again with a little white frill to edge it off!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Polka Dot Christening Quilt

This weekend I made this pink polka dot name quilt for my sister-in-law

It is for her beautiful niece Tahlia...

I used a large pink polka dot for the front and a small pink polka dot to contrast for the back and name.

To make the letters I ironed on interfacing to the small pink dots and then traced and cut out the letters. I used a small zig-zag stitch to apply them to the white panel.

Once pieced together I used hand quilting in in criss-cross pattern which reminded me of kisses xxx

To keep the hand stitching straight I used masking tape for each line...I am really happy how it turned out...and if you look closely on the front you can see each square perfectly holds 16 dots!

Obligatory quilt blowing in the wind shot...

I will show you the matching pillow shortly...

Friday, March 25, 2011

113 Followers Giveaway

Thanks to each and everyone of my followers this one is for you!

For this giveaway I will be making The Red Shoes embroidery into a tote bag.

To enter the giveaway simply be a follower and comment below with something that you dream about or something you are striving for in your life.

The giveaway is open till the 13th April 2011 (extended till the 17th April 2011)...when I will pick a comment randomly!

Personally I am striving to achieve some clarity in my life in regards to my goals and how to reach many dreams so little time!

Ponyo Mark 3

This is my third Ponyo Costume and I am very excited to think about three little girls out there running around dressed up like her!

In the Japanese film Ponyo is a goldfish who longs to be human and in her quest she unleashes her father's magic in the ocean which causes a Tsunami. I have to say it was one of the first things I thought about when the tragedies unfolded in Japan. At our house we love Japanese films and fabrics and have like most people been in shock at the devastation there.

After Amelie's birthday I am going to make some softies to send to Japan for the children who have been left behind...see here for more details.

As you can see I have employed my Ponyo expert and quality control assistant to model the finished product. See how she lifts the dress slightly to give you a look at the bloomers? She's a pro!

Thanks to all my followers...we have reached 113 and I will announce my latest giveaway tonight!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space

So last week the capes won out! I have now listed them all in my little shops if you are on the links to the right!

This week my creative space is totally nutted out with an order for a pink polka dot cot quilt and a Ponyo costume to make! If I get these completed I am thinking of embarking on a run of bloomers and possibly little treasure bags!

And the count down is on till Amelie and Willow's Strawberry Shortcake birthday party in just over a I have to put the finishing touches on the party bags and gather all the crafty and baking bits together!

PLUS Only 4 more followers to go till my next giveaway!

For more inspiration and creative spaces head over HERE!

Oh dang it I just remembered I have to fix some of the husbands pants too....let's see if I can get it all done hehehe!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Some little things I have been making...

A mum and a bub babushka doll...I made this up as I went along...I love the little owl and pussycat pouch...made for a friends 30th...who introduced me to the awesomeness of babushka dolls in early high school!

...the same friend also introduced me to this pattern for Granny Square slippers from the Purl Bee...which I made for my sister-in-law for her birthday...she needs to do some lounging around so I hope these will encourage her to do so!

I also make these Rocky Cookies every week...they are our healthy treat...from Sly Moves Sylvester Stallone's Proven Program to Lose Weight, Build Strength, Gain Will Power, and Live your Dream!

So go you dream!

I have also decided to announce my next giveaway when I have 113 followers (13 is my 'lucky' number)....only a few to go!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Five Little Capes

I finished these capes this weekend. I wanted to go back to Oatley Park to photograph them but the weather has been pretty much constant rain...this was a brief break where we went into the backyard...and then got rained we were lucky to get a few shots done!

I love the top image with Amelie in red...but I think my favourite cape is the grey one...the lining is really nice...I wish I had gotten more of it!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

And the winner of the crafty face-off is...

Five little capes...all cut out and ready to be sewn...

My Creative Space

This week it's a crafty FACE-OFF

In one corner is a pile of fabrics waiting to be turned into magical capes... the other is a dress for me...and if there is enough fabric a mini Wednesday Addams outfit for Amelie...

and then in another far corner of my mind is this awesome fabric waiting to be turned into something worthy...


There is also a MYSTERY craft for a birthday present to be posted tomorrow...and by mystery mean to me!

To see more wonderful glimpses into the crafting psyche head over HERE!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To Grandmother's House We Go

I recently took the girls on a trip to my Grandmother's house in Newcastle.
The house is full of beautiful vintage patterns...

...handmade beauties...we couldn't work out what should be inside the can behind the doll but my great-grandmother made this one...beautiful bonnet and all... great-grandmother also made many handstitched linens...

...including this Apron, made and stitched in 1932 when the Harbour Bridge was built...

There are also hidden games and colouring in sets from when I was a kid!

And some beautiful vintage crochet work by my Aunt which I couldn't resist laying out!

Here I am trying on my favourite hand stitched apron...

Hidden treasures in the linen cupboard...

...many many more beautiful handmade aprons.

I wonder if our furture generations will treasure our handiwork and share it with their children and grandchildren?

Interesting Tales....

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