Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Creative Space...

Sewing Sew Far

This week I am sewing the indigo segment of the rainbow....I thought I had LOADS of fabric for this and was a bit devastated when I found mostly I thought it might be time to make some wee little clothes....stay tuned for the finished product!

My Meager Scraps

The remains of a shirt that I am up-cycling this week too....helps with the fabric supply issue!

For more creative spaces head over HERE....she's back!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spring Ruffle Top 502nd post....can't believe I missed the big 500....oh well will have to wait till 1000 now to get excited! I got a little bored with my blog I changed it....what do you think? I am going to change the colour for a while till I find something I love.

This post is in honour of my final blue piece...I was going to make a dress for Amelie when I found the pattern for the Spring Ruffle Top by Made by Rae and I thought why not? It was Sunday and it was a lovely warm spring day here....perfect for the I made myself a little something. I love the pattern and would like to buy some fabric one day to make another, but this one worked out pretty well from what I had left in Blue stock.

Of course since I finished it on Monday it was all cold and non-spring again so I was a bit sad I couldn't take a nice spring photo - but there it I am waiting for a lovely sunny day to return!

As this top was made for me, I added a pair of boys blue bloomers to the shop to keep up the rainbow!

PS Please ignore the terrible expression in the photo!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blue Dress - Drafting a Kiki's dress

My daughter loves Kiki's Delivery Service and I am going to sew her a costume, just like the Ponyo one for Christmas. I drafted this pattern to test it out and was very happy with the result. It is a size 4 and is too big for her now but will be perfect to grow into and wear both summer and winter. I will make the final one in Black but I love this fabric sourced from the Salvation Army store in Cooma! The crochet ric rac comes from the giveaway I recently won!

I will be listing this one in the shop/s today (if the girls let me!)

They did! Good girls...
Now listed!! Here and Here

Green Butterfly Bag

The final green piece was made when I was a bit over sewing patterns....well it had gotten to the point where I wanted to dive right into a project but all my patterns were yet to be cut out and I was really over cutting out paper patterns so I took a break and made this bag based on the width of the fabric piece. It was a welcome break and made it possible for me to get stuck into more dress making a few days later!

I have added this bag to my Etsy and Made It shops!

Green Apple Tennis Skirt

I had some left over Sandi Henderson fabric from when I made a block bag for Amelie (pictured above) and I really wanted to use it as the green part of my rainbow...but it was such a small piece.
I have also been wanting to do pleats for such a long time and I decided to combine the two and use white as a contrasting fabric.
Initially the skirt was twice as long and not wide enough and after hours of thinking I would have to put it on the back burner I simply cut it in half and made it a mini skirt and added a fold over waistband.

I added one of my favourite buttons as a details and on the underside there are three adjustments so that the skirt grows as the little ones do!

I have added this skirt to my Etsy and Made It shops!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gotta Support the Team

Clementine as the Dragon slaying the Rooster!

As a St George Dragon's supporter I was very excited when they made it into the Grand Final last night....and in tribute Clementine and I made a picture, hopefully predicting the result next weekend!

I have been meaning to try this idea while Clementine was still little!

Inspired by Milla's Daydreams

Friday, September 24, 2010

Photos from Today

Sometimes good things come in three...


I have recently won three giveaways!! I couldn't believe it and I was very grateful...I thought I would share what I have won as I am about to make some things from the booty!

Giveaway from Little Betty Designs - Featuring: Scarlett Fig Tufted Tweets fat quarter set in red, retro tablecloth, faux patchwork bedsheet, vintage trims and crocheted ric rac. I hope to make some things for Clementine for Christmas so keep an eye on the blog for future amazingness (yes I like to make up words too)

So many great patterns in this book...where to start??

I will be interested to see if the promise of parent friendly children's songs is true!!

PS When I finish sewing my rainbow in a few weeks I am planning a BIG giveaway so stay tuned!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Photos!

My Creative Space...

I have been following this for a while over at kootoyoo and love seeing everyone's spaces and projects so I have decided to play along too!

This week is my blue week and has lived up to all expectations with myself and baby Clementine being ill....she has been a bit better today so I am hoping this is the end of it!

Due to this set back, it has taken longer than expected to complete BLUE garments....but I have just completed this Alice Top and Pants combo below and today am working on what to do next with my blue fabric (above)...

A snapshot of the sewn rainbow so far!

For more creative spaces head over HERE!

PS I realise that I am the idiot who starts this when there is a break but if I don't do it now...when??

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo Takin'

So this week I was a little over sewing and went a bit expect to see a lot of photos this week!!

More Photos!

Let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Returned and Shop Update

Hello, after a fun couple of days recovering from the weekend and washing countless loads of washing and having children climbing all over me I have completed the latest shop update of ORANGE, YELLOW and the start of to work out how to find the time to sew some more!

Clementine's Baptism was lovely, full of friends, family and too much food!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

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