Make It Count

Today Amelie wanted to get made up like a Blythe doll (yes this what totally her idea and everything)

We don't do make up often but sometimes as a special treat because she LOVES it!

She wanted to look like this one!

The girls hanging in the yard...Clementine is wearing a kids apron we found at Vinnies this morning! And Amelie is wearing a new skirt I made today (to make up for a HIDEOUS one I refused to get her from Vinnies!)

(Amelie with 2 pretend ice creams...I think Clementine was hoping they were real) 

 A shot of the skirt (duh!)

We also did some exercise...I am finally getting back into it...and overcoming the challenges such as an Amelie on my back!

In the afternoon Amelie was watching the Lion King and get a little scared of the Hyenas...

Clementine finally got her hands on a real ice block! 

And she was pretty happy about it!

It was a really great day - I took a almost whole day break from sewing - only stitching the skirt and some of a little dress!

What did you get up to today?!

Thanks to everyone who commented last week!!


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