Monday, January 31, 2011

The Summer of White

The Ballet Shoes Dress Above

The Mary Janes Dress Above

Amelie wearing the dresses...they are a little too big for her...a size 5 but she loves to try them on! A past time I may sometimes encourage!

These are the first two dresses of my new series 'The Summer of White'. I will be updating my shop as soon as I take some more professional style shots and also produce some more garments!

So what do you think?

I was going to wait till the series was complete to share it but I couldn't wait!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Sneak Peek of Things to Come!

I have been working on a new range for my shop...I will soon be taking down all my old listings too so if you want to buy something head over there now before they all go...but in other news there has been lots of gathering and between Lego builds that is!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Skirt to Dress Refashion

This skirt was one that had been on my mending pile for a while, almost as soon as I bought it the zipper died and I unpicked it and since it was an invisible zipper I was a little nervous about it and then ended up forgetting it...when I rediscovered it in my mending frenzy I realised that it's really not my style and was about to throw it on the toss pile when Amelie asked if she could try it on! We tried it on and then decided to make it into a little dress for her.
It was an incredibly easy re-fashion and I thought I would show you what I did incase you have the same delimma with worn, broken or skirts looking for a new life!

Original Skirt

1. Fit the skirt to the child as a dress and pin where you will need to cut (don't forget to add your chosen seam allowance). Here at the centre back I cut out an 8 inch rectangular panel.

2. Stitch the centre back seam leaving an 8 inch gap at the top for the buttons and button holes (I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance). Overlock if you desire and press the seam open.

3. Pin the straps in place. You can choose any style and palcement that you desire. I opted for a v-neck at the from and straight down at the back as you can see from later images. Sew front straps in place on the wrong side just below the top of the dress.

4. Sew button holes and attach buttons. I spaced mine approx. 2 inches apart and used the left over buttons from this dress. Buttons open above and closed below.

5. Try the garment on the child to check the length of the straps before you sew them to the back. Attach straps to the back wrong side just below the top of the dress.

Back View

And that's it! As easy as 1-2-3 (4-5) and an unused skirt gets a new lease of life as a beautiful dress:

Make 1 Mend 31

This weekend I awoke at a bit of a loss at what to do with my weekend...I have some big sewing projects coming up but I couldn't start them yet....
So I sorted out and colour coded the Lego (using the lovely Springform Buckets) mostly began because I was in search of some pieces to make my little house below...and I had to take a photo because as you can guess once Amelie awoke from her nap the Lego buckets were dumped and colours collided.

I found this in the Lego box and just had to make it as I have fond memories of many many hours spent with this little Lego house...

Thankfully this is something that has survived the throwing out of childhood toys that parents tend to do!

Look at the lovely little house and the mini-me sitting down to her cup of tea out in the garden...

...which was just what I did....yum!

Then I played with these crazy critters!

The it HIT me....I have some mending to do!

After my initiative to Make One and Mend Two I have been mending things here and there but the pile has remained in tact as so many new things have been passing through my hands for a bit of a fix up! So I took this oppourtunity to attack the pile and I am proud to say that I have completed ALL my mending! 31 items as seen below have been mended and put back into circulation, including one refashion of a skirt that I will feature in it's own little post!
This was a huge achievement as some of the items have been in the pile for at least 4 years...I am hoping to mend as I go from now on...fingers crossed!

The Rainbow Blanket

Completed - HURRAH!
My first ever granny squares blanket done...and as my husband so eloquently put it:
'you're officially a nanna now!'
I have been a nanna in training for a while now so it's nice that it's official....I feel like I need a badge or medal to mark the occasion.

After crocheting all the squares together (with the method: Face the squares right sides together...put the crochet hook through the top ridge (stitch) on each square...then pull a thread through and slip stitch...repeat) I had trouble finidng an edging pattern I liked. I ended up adapting this one from Attic 24 and taking out the middle round so that it sat closer to the main blanket.

Now Amelie has seen me making the blanket and knew it was for when I told her I had a present for her...I told her to close her eyes...


Devestated...she wanted an ice-cream...and in turn I was a little devestated myself...but I probably should have had better timing...a time when she wasn't begging for an ice-cream all morning!

But then she didn't like the idea I offered up of giving it to Clementine...and she did spend a lot of time with it on the couch...

All the better to poke my toes through...

Ruffle Sunsuit - All Better Now

Ah...much better

Being modeled... a very happy bub!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ruffle Sunsuit

I devoted Friday to making this Sunsuit for Clementine and it ended up taking all my little 'free' moments to sew it...I seemed to have shut off the sewing side of my brain...I sewed one of the ruffles on backwards and then I had to unpick it another 2 times because my sewing was a bit dodgy...but I powered on and finished the Sunsuit in the afternoon....leaving a bit of time to do a quick house tidy up! WOW!

I love the little suit and can't wait to pop it on Clementine again...I made it in the 6-12 Months size...taking 1/2 inch off each side so that she can wear it immediately...I also put the button a fair way up the straps to fit her now and I will move them if she has a growth spurt this summer...and she might even fit into it next summer too....though she does love her solids....check out those thighs...I love them...certainly her mother's daughter!

Yah...I finally got to use the cute fabric

I might have ironed the ruffles a little too much...but they pop when worn!


And of course Amelie had to have a try too...before I attached the buttons...shh....

Back view of longer staps....on an almost three year old!

edit: as I posted this I realised I didn't cross the straps over! I will readjust the buttons so it fits as a cross-over...grrrrr....I don't know where my head was/is might have something to do with the fact that this week Amelie killed my laptop with a soft much sadness!

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