Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Velvet Ponyo

Today I finished a custom order for a repeat customer YAH!

They asked for a Black Velvet version of the Ponyo Costume!

It was very hard to get good photos due to the nature of velvet and the nature of 3 year olds...but here are a few that are passable!

This last one is what I get when I ask her to put her hands down by her side...I don't think she is very impressed!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Make It Count

Today we did our Wednesday swim in the morning...

Found this beautiful little critter in the girls' room as I put Clementine down for a nap...

When she got up the girls tucked into their favourite treat of Blueberries in a cup! 

I love Clementine's fluffy hair after getting it washed!

For craft today we did watercolour pictures for Santa...we've been doing this a lot lately...pretty much everyday. We get an ice tray with water and a few drops of food colouring:

It makes the loveliest shades of colour...and is so much easier to clean up than paint!

Above is a picture of Santa, Amelie and a Christmas Tree!

Another awesome day...what did you get up to in your neck of the woods?

OH....and here is the girls' Santa photo....wearing their special Christmas dresses!

Stash and Treasure Markets

Do you need to de-clutter and make some extra cash?!!?

Or do you want to raid someone else's awesome stash!?!?

Stash and Treasure is a new market for the new year...if you want to get a table together or head along to snap up some bargains...check out all the details HERE!

Check out the Facebook page HERE!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How I Made Rapunzel

I used the same pattern that I used for the girl's Glinda costumes (above) and made the following amendments to turn her into Rapunzel!

I removed the longer sleeves and all the trims. I made the skirt width the same as the fabric I bought which was a less full than the pattern.

To make the two way colour sleeves I did the following:

Please note that I thought I was really really clever and would make it into a tutorial...then AFTER I did all this I saw many other Rapunzel costumes that sewed pink ribbon onto the purple backing which is a much easier and simpler way to get the hopes were dashed...but in the end I am glad I did them this way as I like the more even look!

1. Trace the sleeve pattern and then draw lines approx. 2 inches apart from the centre.

2. Cut the sleeve strips and use as a guide to cut alternating pink and purple fabric. Please note that you will need to add a seam allowance to the sides of each sleeve section only - as shown bellow:

I marked mine with numbers so I wouldn't get mixed up!

3. Stitch the pink and purple pieces together, overlock and press.

Once attached to the bodice they will look like this:

To get the ribbon effect I chose to pin and stitch them down as opposed to loops so it can survive some tough Amelie and Clementine play!

Finally I cut down the band to a half width to neaten it up and be more in proportion!

So that's how I turned Glinda into Rapunzel!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

This year it's all about Rapunzel from Tangled...first it was Amelie who fell in love with it and now Clementine is following suit!

I had originally planned to make one for Amelie for Christmas but Clementine loves her so much now I made them one each!

Amelie's is a size 4 and Clementine's a size 2....I will go more into the process in another was to be a surprise but Amelie caught on so I let her have one turn in the dress to model and now they are put away in a special secret hiding spot!

Above: For Clementine

Below: For Amelie

She is in love...with the dress and possibly her reflection!

Two more Christmas Costumes to go!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today I made these bloomers with vintage fabric for a custom order...and took the girls to the Mini Musos Christmas Party...a pretty darn good day all round!

My Creative Space

This week I am working on Mermaid softies for the girls and Mirabel!

This little lady popped some seams so she asked for some cool cuffs to cover the scars!

I've been making the tails from vintage sheets and the bodies from various vintage linen and hankies! 

 Any one else making some Softies for Mirabel this year?!

More creative types hang HERE each Thursday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Make It Count

Today I went out into the POURING RAIN with TWO KIDS to go to the post office...then off to get some swimming nappies and finally to Amelie and Clementine's first swimming lesson for the season. 

They were both excellent at swimming....and then we braved the POURING RAIN to get home again.

We were meant to go to the library but there was no way I was going out again with the girls...and Clementine has been sick so we hunkered down for the rest of the day!

Did you attempt anything INSANE today?!!

Interesting Tales....

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