Monday, July 30, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

HURRAH It's time to announce the winners of the July Giveaway!

With the help of the RNG the winners are:

1. The Toadstool Cape - Lioness Lady

2. The Pear Dress and Bloomers - Dee Kinkade

3. Plaid Bloomers - Katy - The Country Blossom

4. Plaid Skirt - Clever Charlotte

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!

Please send me an email with your address and I will post out the prizes this week!

Stay tuned for more tutorials this week and more giveaways soon!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Mermaid Tale

and a Mermaid Tail!


Amelie loves her Babrie Mermaid Merliah from A Mermaid Tale (1&2) and when we were on a fabric shopping adventure she found this lovely fabric below and begged for me to make her a new Merliah Mermaid Tail!

The fabric was pretty expensive so I got the minimum cut I thought I could make do....and for the tail I used some pink tulle I had lying around. In retrospect I would have used more tulle to make the tail larger but I worked with what I had!

The tail is a simple tube with an elastic waist and hem. It is a little large on Amelie but I am hoping it will last a while as she seems to be having a growth spurt!

Some beautiful Mermaid swimming action!

PS Do not despair Clementine fans...I have some costumes for her too...but I have been waiting for some warm weather to photograph them!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Never Fear BATGIRL is HERE!

Never Fear BATGIRL is HERE!

She sometimes gets saddened by crime...

..and she turns her back on it!

Till she is ready to fight for justice!

Using her twirling skills...

and her ability to laugh in the face of anything...

...really laugh!

Then she SPRINGS into ACTION! BAM!

Take THAT bad guys!

Until next time...

...take a bow Batgirl!

Dress Details: Made with my awesome screen printed bat fabric...well the good bits I could find and cut out! I used my Ponyo pattern for a basic dress but altered the collar with a simple bias trim!

Monday, July 23, 2012

nananananananananana BAT CAPES!

This week I got stuck into making some clothes with the Bat fabric I screen printed HERE!

First up were some awesome Bat Capes for the girls!

One for Clementine:

One for Amelie:
It was a little hard to get the fabric just right as there were a lot of blemishes as you can see above...but once worn this line disappears!

Now for the Ever Awesome Bat Girls:

And in this last shot I love how Clementine's Bat Cape looks like a Nanna Shawl!

Nanananananananananananananananana BATGIRLS!

Friday, July 20, 2012

One Fine Day

Last week we went for a trip to Summer Hill to pick up the girls' prizes...and we ended up having a play at the park too!

Here is what they picked...a colouring in book for Clementine and a Cockatoo for Amelie!

Some action shots from the park:

A picture of Amelie with her Cockatoo all made up...sweet!

It was a pretty great winter's day out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make It Count

This is what we have been getting up to in the last few weeks:

Playing with Barbie

Climbing Trees

Hanging in the backyard

Making THIS aquarium we found on pintrest

and making a theatre show of it!

More Tree Climbing

Blowing Bubbles and Having Lollipops

Cooking Up a Storm

These were supposed to look like THIS (uh-oh!)

Some More Nanna Cooking

This Time Some Lovely Meringues and Biscuits...the last ones Amelie made all by herself!

We've been busy about you....any exciting adventures?

Interesting Tales....

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