Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In Love with Austen

Inspired by Valentine's Day and Jane Austen Regency dresses I created a soft and romantic look for the girls. To be honest I have been dying to make then little Austen dresses for years!

My original plan was to make them sheer with no lining but I found this great red lining that worked well with the lace for Amelie so I stuck with it!

Clementine's version is sheer from the waist and has a little ribbon waterfall!

Originally for this challenge I was going to steer clear of bright colours and keep the dress plain with some embroidery but then I found this amazing lace in my stash and had to use it!

Clementine's version is what the original lace looked like and Amelie's has been dyed red - the final shade being in-between pink and red.

I used a red velvet lace trim for the dress below and we made arrows with sticks and felt!

To create the dresses I used the Oliver and S Bubble Dress pattern and made the following changes:

* I added extra inches to the centre of the bodice to then regather it!

* I lengthened the dress to give it a long empire line.

* I eliminated the bubble!

I also added some heart buttons that the girls had selected on a fabric trip and have been dying to use!

The girls absolutely LOVE the dresses and have be dancing around as princesses and fairies to their hearts content!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soaring High Jacket

 Project Run and Play - Week 3 - Boys' Week

 This week I was inspired by a childhood favourite - Astro Boy!

I created a jacket with custom screen printed lining:

First I created the template for the screen and did some test prints:

Next I laid down the first 2 rows of soaring Astro Boys:

Then the second row in alternate spacing to create the flying effect:

Lastly I did rows of stars in-between for the final look:

For the jacket I used Amelie's Paris Coat as a guide for a basic outline and altered it - taking out all the feminine tailoring!

I trimmed the jacket with handmade white bias binding (inspired by this look) and used 2 large coat buttons to finish it off!

I love it...my first adventure into designing boy's clothes was fun...and since my girls also LOVE Astro Boy I think this jacket will get  bit of wear!

(Practicing some 'Boy' looks)

We also has some fun with the left over bits of fabric!

Amelie helped me stitch the softies shut:

And then she wanted to practice her stitching by making a piece for her bedroom:

It's now hanging in pride of place next to her bed!

For more awesome boy outfits head over HERE!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

76 Quilt Squares = 5 Quilt Tops

Today...with the 'help' of my assistant...I finished piecing together the 76 blocks into 5 quilt tops. Three small cot quilts (3x4 patches) and two large cot quilts (4x5 patches).

Testing different layouts!

 Small Cot Quilt - Green Centres

Small Cot Quilt - Brown Centres

 Small Cot Quilt - Pink and Purple Centres

 Large Cot Quilt - Assorted Centres

 Large Cot Quilt - Assorted Centres

 The Finished Set!

Now I just have the TINY squares to go!

Oh yeah and then that whole 'quilting' caper!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Big Top Dress

 Project Run and Play - Week 2 - Spots and Stripes

For this week's theme I was inspired by the following two dresses.
I loved the bold stripe and the contrast with the red and blue:

I had some lovely bold red and white stripe fabric in my stash and used this to create the 'Big Top' dress for Clementine.

I used my Ponyo pattern with the collar omitted in favor of a bias trim and added pockets and a blue ribbon.

For the back enclosure I sewed on these awesome roller skate buttons I've been waiting forever to use!

It's a lovely little casual dress that is very easy care and I love the little treasure pockets!

Clementine giving her best Bjork wink!

See all the entries HERE and play along!

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