Saturday, July 30, 2011

Amelie and Atticus on Frankie!!!

I was SO excited this morning to see one my little spring dresses on the Frankie blog!

Check it out HERE

Thanks so much Frankie! You've made my day...and quite possibly my year!

If you want to pick up one of the spring dresses they are all in my SHOP

Thrift Shop Finds

This week I went to my local vinnies store in search of vintage sheets, which of course I didn't find! Instead I found lots of other goodies!

Most of my local op shops are overpriced - about twice what I'd want to pay - so I prefer to stick to the country stores but sometimes there are awesome finds I can't pass up!

Like this little love of Vintage Strawberry Shortcake and Sewing Combined!

A shame it didn't have the original thimble with it! Now I must fight to keep Amelie's mitts off it!

A nice selection of books...some picked by Amelie (the orange books at the top) an some by me!

Her new favourite is 'That's not my Dolly'

I adore this 'Thinking Book' - beautiful illustrations!

An awesome (and a little bit freaky) Blythe knock-off with changing eye colour!

A collection of Ric Rac - I love those old cards!

A pair of shoes each for the girls - I love the little leather handcrafted ones...amazing and they appear to have never been worn!

And lastly Amelie has proven herself to be a keen eyed op-shoper at the wee age of 3 as she spotted this lady bird fairy costume amongst the racks, it is awesome and she has been wearing it ever since!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sewing Up a Storm

This week my husband took the girls to Cooma to visit the family so I could sew and go to work (YAH!) it was his last long weekend as we soon switch days (me to two and him to three)!

I made the most of my time by spending it at the cutting table and sewing machine!

A sneak peak of my linen and lace dress...the last little lacey bit to sew on! HURRAH! Next week I will have all my proper pictures done! Ooo...can you see the invisible zip the end it was super easy I thought I had missed a step?!?!

I was going to turn this fabric into another cape when I remembered the whole reason I got it was to make this pinafore for Clementine! So I got stuck into it! It was very simple and I traced it off one we already own...the only thing I did different was use a fun zig zag stitch to join the can just see it in the above picture!

I love it and can't wait to dress her up!

And here is the pile of clothes that I sewed while the kidlets were away! Now I just need to take photos and list them in the shop early next week!

So now I need the weather to stay good so I can get loads of photos!

Lessons I have learnt after my first week without ANY kids:

1. Next time I will sew less, chill out more and go out on the town

2. I am addicted to The Hunger's probably good the kids were away so I could read read read!

3. I like to watch many many silly movies when left to my own devices...

4. My best sewing times are 11am - 6pm...sewing outside of that time will result in sleeves sewn backwards and other misadventures!

5. I really miss having someone around to make me a cup of tea!

6. I really missed my family...A LOT....A LOT MORE than I was expecting!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Linen and Lace

This week I have been working on my entry for the Tessuti Linen and Lace Awards!

There has been tea dying (below), cutting up of doilies, to-ing and fro-ing of ideas and a lot of making it up as I go along!

Now I need to work out a final lacey detail and be brave and put in the invisible zipper!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kate Bush Hand Drawn Tee for Amelie

In Progress

Amelie's father introduced her to Kate Bush recently and she has become obsessed...we are so proud!

They have been making Kate Bush colouring in drawings together and yesterday he drew a Kate Bush shirt for her - isn't it AMAZING...a piece of art!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Start of Something Spring

This weekend I finished the fox and pink rose dress!

They are now all listed in my shop here if you are interested...and they are all sized 6-12m and all one of a kind. I will be making more of a size range from birth - 2 years!

More capes and costume to come soon too...

Amelie in Wonderland

Here is a tale of great minds thinking alike!

Meet Amelie, her mother Teresa has a lovely blog Amelie in Wonderland and purchased my Strawberry Cape...for a Vintage Themed Strawberry Shortcake party! She also made the red riding hood inspired top above! So cute!

See the full post HERE!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Winter in Cooma

From our trip down a couple of weeks ago!

Thrift Shop Finds

These thrift shop finds are from our most recent trip to Cooma...and as usual I hit my favourite shop - The Salvos!

A nice mix of fabric, needles, patterns, and bits and pieces!

I love these patterns - especially the one on the right...sadly it is a doll pattern - but I am sure I can scale it up a bit!

Some Frankie mags! An amazing find as I could no longer afford to subscribe but love their inspirational goodness!
And a vintage nightie, which I was going to wear but decide to use as lining for some little dresses - although I do intent to use the front piece for something nice!

More Flea Market Finds HERE

Friday, July 15, 2011

I've Been a Bit Naughty

And had a lot of fun on some fabric excursions this week...but I do think after lugging one baby in a pram and a toddler on the loose (who loves to run and hide) I've earnt it!

Some lace, doilies and fabric from Pitt Trading at Ramsgate!

10 Meters of Cord, Yellow Gingham and Lace from Smithfield

A colourful hoard from Spotlight

Now Denise Schmidt, I really don't think that it's fair to put your beautiful fabrics in Spotlight at low low prices to tempt me...I really only went to spotlight for a bit of white cord and came out with this haul!

So it's now time for me to get stuck into some summer dresses and some more capes!

I finished two sweet little dresses this afternoon but as it's too dark to photograph them now I will share them tomorrow!

Interesting Tales....

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