Monday, April 30, 2012


In Scotland we saw... amazing collection of everything at the Kelingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow

The River Clyde - Glasgow

MANY MANY Vintage Sewing Machines in Glasgow

The Wallace Monument

Edinburgh Castle

The Birthplace of Harry Potter

Loch Lomond

The Highlands

Loch Ness

Scotland - Stunning Sunny Weather...I had to keep checking we were in the right place!

It was brilliant!

North England

Pemberley (AKA Lyme Hall)


The Bronte Parsonage and Moors at Haworth

York and Betty's Tea so yummy!

The Lakes District

North Yorkshire Moors and Whitby

Some more stunning and epic locations!

I loved it cannot do justice to the epic landscape...such beauty!

South England

Our Adventures in the South of England

We strolled through Bath...

...and did some Laundry in Oxford

Visited the Alice Sheep Shop...

...and the many homes of JRR Tolkien

...and some Harry Potter sites too!

Hanging out at the good ole Eagle and Child...waiting for inspiration to strike!

Ted Hughes' house Court Green in Devon!


and Dartmoor

and finally Stonehenge!

The south of England was stunning - so beautiful and peaceful!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The time has come to share some photos and experiences from our amazing adventure!

Starting where we London Town!

Once we hit the ground (after a lovely scenic flight over the city) we headed off down the Thames...first stop the Houses of Parliament!

King Cross Station...heading off to Hogwarts

Liberty of London with some lovely ladies trying to get in on the action too!

Liberty from Carnaby Street 

Feeding the birds at St Pauls

On the Millennium Bridge - Beware of Death Eaters

Fans of Nikki Heat will get this one! At the Tate Britain


ALL OF IT! It's hard to pick out one highlight from London as it was all many great galleries, shops and adventures to be had!

Not find any Hello Kitty Liberty at either Shaukat or Etsy I go!

Favourite Crafty Destination
Shaukat was excellent...I only got 2 different prints...and since have been haunted by one I almost got...and keep wishing I did...especially after seeing some dresses made from it at Liberty of I might have to order some in hindsight!

The one that got away - Liberty Picarde

and my haul:

Favourite Arty Destination
A tie between the Tate Britain (with an excellent Picasso Show) and the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery (a brilliant Lucian Freud exhibition)...the most amazing find was a painting of me hanging in the National Gallery:

So freaky and so awesome!

Interesting Tales....

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