Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

Naturally since starting this weeks challenge I am seeing yellow EVERYWHERE....I stand behind the yellow line diligently every morning and afternoon as the train approaches....I have yellow post-its hiding all around my desk...I often get blinded by the sun when I look out the window at work forgetting that the sun is there every morning. In tune with this weeks theme the florist delivered a vase of yellow flowers to sit next to me as a reminder....

Today's Yellow Inspiration comes from the Yayoi Kasama Exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in New York April 16 – June 27 2009. Sadly it has just finished....but the images are beautiful.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Week 1 - Yellow
1 July - 7 July 2009

Molly as Snow White

What does it mean to you?

For me it congers up...Canary Yellow....Sarah Blasko's yellow birds in a cage (I have been checking out my new Frankie)....a beautiful yellow dress I spied on someone's blog .....new beginnings and a fresh start to my photography....squinting into the sun in the early morning on the train as I wind into work at an ungodly hour (when I should still be under the covers)....the peace and serenity that comes from perfect sleep....
July's Theme Announced - Colour

I have always wanted to projects based on singular colours but have never gotten around to it....always lurking in the back of my mind and ideas. I think this stems from growing up in the 80's and being surrounded by colourful critters such as the Care Bears and the Colour Kids from Rainbow Brite. I have also been heavily inspired by Strawberry Shortcake and her pals too.

In some ways it is a simplistic way to start the challenge but I have always found the reults of such photos and craft inspiring. The theme week by week is:

Week 1 - Yellow
Week 2 - Red
Week 3 - Blue
Week 4 - Green

Our group on flickr will be open on 1 July 2009 - If you would like to join the challenge please send me an email through the link!! I can't wait to see your ideas!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome to Amelie and Atticus

Welcome to Amelie and Atticus we will be launching the Photography and Craft Challenge on 1 July 2009.

The challenge is designed to provide inspiration and just as importantly the drive to get stuck into those projects and ideas that have been passing through your mind and not made it into the real world!

Each week there will be a challenge to take 4 photos and create 1 craft project in response to the given theme. From July 2009 - July 2010 - Please join me on this quest and see the amazingly visual and crafty results.

Each month there will be a vote to pick the most popular work. They will win a yet to be determined but absolutely AWESOME prize.....

Join me and lets start creating!!

Interesting Tales....

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