Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amelie Sews Her First Dress

This week Amelie has been getting into the sewing game. She started out on the foot peddle while I was sewing the capes - she did pretty well - I am lucky to still have my fingers after she got a little excited - but that was a one off!

She REALLY wanted to sew herself something big like a dress so I got some fabric that she picked out ages ago at a fabric shop...cut a hole for a neck...zigzagged some elastic around it and then let her stitch the sides seams!

PS When the actual sewing was taking place I was guiding her hands and she was using the presser!

She loved it...you can see how proud she is in the pictures below!


Well Done Amelie!

So Proud!

Monday, April 29, 2013


HURRAH! This weekend I finished sewing my latest batch of capes - which helped to severely reduce the fabric stockpile in my workroom! I now only have one piece of cord fabric left...amazing!

Clementine was happy to model a couple of the capes...with her lovely chocolate stained jumper on! 

PS I really need to put more planning into these shoots instead of grabbing a child at the last minute! 


Clementine also asked to be photographed with the pile of capes...and who could resist such a request?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fabric, Piles and Sew Crazy*

*my attempt to turn the piles of fabric growing around my room into lovely clothes for children!

This week I had a trip to spotlight to pick up calico for the husband...and a few goodies for me!

 I picked up some fleece and jersey for an upcoming winter project for the girls...stay tuned!

 I also got some fabric for cape lining...and some of the new Belle and Boo fabric...I couldn't resist!

Next up was to tackle the mountain of fabric in my workroom...slowly it has been growing to the point where I realised if I knuckled down I could probably make a lot of clothes with it!

Round One: CAPES!

As the chill is crawling into Sydney I thought it was the perfect time for a batch of capes...so I got to sorting fabric, cutting out patterns and piling them up around my room! I think at this stage there are about 27-ish capes on the go!

This weekend I spent every spare moment sewing...and here is the first batch of finished capes:


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pippi Longstocking Doll

Pippi Longstocking is Coming into Your World...

...A freckled face red head girl, You wanna know, She'll blow your life into a whirl!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Surprises - Papier Mache Magazine

A lovely friend of mine picked up a copy of Papier Mache for me because she thought I would love it (I DO!!)

Turns out it was full of unexpected surprises! As I turned the pages I found some familiar looking dresses!

Two of my Peter Pan dresses from Shorties were featured! 

It was the best surprise ever! I love the photo by Alice Elliot Pimm...stunning!

Now to duck back into my studio and get a-sewing!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And then she was 5

 On the weekend Amelie had her 5th Birthday!

The theme she picked this year was Disney Princesses but her favourite outfit was Ginormica from Monsters Vs Aliens!

She had a great day...we had a Castle Pinata that we made together...it was a tough one to crack! I made her cake and decorated it with the figures she got for her birthday!


Disney Princesses....and GINORMICA!

And here is a look back at Amelie through the years:





Crocheting in the Autumn Sunshine

This weekend I grabbed a few moments during a busy busy time to crochet the Rainbow Blanket together...it's slowly coming along...two more rows to attach and then begins the tidying up and edging!

I had a little help from Snow White along the way!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy 100th Castle!

From Down Under!

It is quite possible that I was a little excited that this week is Castle's 100th Episode...there might have been a marathon involved. 

There was also a castle pinata...Castle vests and some cute kids...what else could a girl do....seriously?

They look so grown up from when I first made the vests HERE - almost a year ago now!

Interesting Tales....

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