Monday, October 31, 2011


From the Zombie Bride and Chucky!

Vintage Spring Dresses

This week I have been sewing some little dresses with vintage sheet fat quarters from the swap!

I have been testing making them with bias and facing instead of being fully lined...what do you think? Do you have a preference?! See the full range HERE

There are faced ones and ones with binding as below - you'll be able to tell the difference!

Amelie did some modeling in exchange for wearing some lipgloss!

The many faces of Amelie:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some AMAZING Brooches

Some AMAZING brooches from Melbourne textile artist Carly Altree-Williams!

Check them all out HERE

An Amazing Painting of Our Girls

This week we received the most AMAZING painting from a talented family friend who lives in England!

We commissioned her to do a painting of the girls...and it is so beautiful....we love it! She even painted them in the style of dress I have been sewing!

The girls love it too...Amelie keeps asking to have have a hold and her eyes lit up when she first saw it!

Thanks so much Emma!!

My Creative Space

 An awesome fabric bundle of Heather Ross Far Far Away 3 that arrived in my home yesterday....I have no idea yet what to make of it but I am quite happy to stare at it aimlessly for hours on end...

Heather Ross...I'll stitch you up I love you sew!

Looking for something more? Head over HERE to see some more productive craftsers!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make It Count

It was a special make it count this week...there was a Toys R Us opening near us and they had some special guests...once we saw Strawberry Shortcake was going to be there we were sold!

I was a bit worried it would be chaos but we got in saw all the folks we wanted to and got out stress free...I also did a little bit of secret Christmas shopping but don't tell the girls!

For craft we did some painting while Clementine had a nap...and did some exercise in the afternoon...a really fun and fulfilling day!

I might have even snuck in some collar making on the sly!

What did you get up to?!?!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

30th Birthday Scavenger Hunt

No. 28. Have a Big Swing

You know the kind where you almost go right over

...there I go!

Thanks to my awesome friend Christelle for documenting my silliness...

We used to write letters to each other from our future children and now here we are at the park playing with them!

Our little girls Clementine and Starr kicking back on the slide!

Monday, October 24, 2011

30th Birthday Scavenger Hunt

No. 5 A Pizza on the Beach from Elvis Pizza

THE PLAN: I have gone past Jailhouse Rock Pizza at Birghton Beach for all my life and never been. Andy is a HUGE Elvis fan so we've been meaning to go for a while!

 I have always wanted to grab a Pizza and eat it on the beach.

So last week we up and went to get ourselves some yummy pizza...the plan was to eat it on the beach but by the time the pizza was ready it was too dark!

But the pizza was AWESOME at home too!

Jailhouse Rock Pizzeria

115 The Grand Parade Brighton-Le-Sands NSW 2216

Simplicity 2180

Like many of you this pattern has been taunting me from places like:

...and so I finally decided to 'invest' in the plan was to make some birthday dresses for myself. I usually get a new dress for my b'day but this year I really wanted to make some with my lovely liberty stash!

I used the Lauren Child Tuesday Trees Print which I adore and thought would be totally wasted on a dress for the girls!

So here it is...I really wanted to do some red piping to bring some definition to the lines of the dress but time was short and the red I had was not quite right and I thought if I had put it in it would have driven me crazy forever!

As it was I JUST finished the dress with 5 minutes to spare to wear it out for the night! It's still a few weeks to my birthday but we were heading out on the town and I had NOTHING to wear!



Close up of back with bad ironing job!

Front - with the same bad rush ironing job!

Fancy posing in the backyard!

Trying to get a good shot of the back...

This one is a bit better mid-twirl!

And a nice little kick to end the modelling session!

The pattern came together well...even better when I actually read the instructions and didn't have to re-do things because I am not psychic...some of the stitching was pretty dodgy but I got to re-do it...but it's still probably best if you don't look inside!

I look forward to making some more with this pattern...maybe some with the red and black polka dots or flowers...and I might even attempt some pipping...stay tuned!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

30th Birthday Scavenger Hunt

No. 7 Have A Drink at the Superman Bar with Andy


So I LITERALLY work next to the bar they used in Superman Returns and walk past it every work day but have never managed to go in with hopefully one day my husband and I can go in for a drink!

This weekend we headed to the Sydney Opera House to see John Water's present a double feature of films...and on the way we stopped at the bar for a drink:

Superman Returns

It was a pure coincidence that we sat in the right spot...but I am sure it was meant to be!

It was great to be able to chill without little one to run after!

I got a lovely fruit beer which Andy thought tasted like cough medicine...but I loved it!

There is also a sneak peek of my Simplicity 2180 which I JUST got finished in time for the night out!

I am slowly knocking off my 30th Birthday List...only a few weeks to go now!

Belgian Beer Cafe (aka the Superman Bar!)


135 Harrington Street,
The Rocks Sydney

Interesting Tales....

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