Friday, October 30, 2009

Congratulations iMish

The votes are in and counted!
Thanks to the 19 people who voted
congratulations to the winner iMish!
You are a great contributor!
I will email you your prize on Monday and you can go shopping!!
Also please check out the post HERE about changes to the challenge....Please Please Please comment!!! Pretty please with sugar on top!!

30 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Halloween Treats
Today's inspiration comes from the many treats I have found online for Halloween....prepare yourself for the visual feast!

Find These Scary Creatures at Shorties in Newtown

Softies and Wrapped Up Mummies seen in the Excellent Halloween Round Up at LMNOP

Thursday, October 29, 2009

29 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Getting closer to Halloween a lot of blogs have been posting brilliant arts and crafts and costume ideas! I have loved checking them all out and as we are in no-mans land for the weekend I thought I would base the inspirations on the theme of Halloween.

We are heading to Cooma this weekend for a party with all the kids who love to dress up on a daily basis so Halloween will be no different. If we had the clothes my dream costumes for this year would be to go as Claus, Violet and Sunny from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. To have the wardrobe from the film would be a dream!! Sadly this has not come true yet so this Halloween we will be going as Emily The Strange, She-Ra and Rambo....a motley crew....stay tuned for the photos!

Our Halloween Inspiration

Amelie and Atticus Photography and Craft Challenge Restructure?

Only 2 more hours to vote!! Very exciting...get in there if you haven't already!

Now on a sad note I have been putting off announcing the prize for October as there have been no uploads to the Flickr set besides my own....sob sob.....they are very sad to be so lonely and have no sadly for October there will be no prize UNLESS the Flickr group is inundated with photos that have been hiding out on people's photostreams and computers!!

In light of this I have been thinking about restructuring the challenge to make it more user friendly and invite more additions to the group so that we can be inspired by each others work and get excited about photography!

So I am looking for feedback from everyone out there!!

The question is....what would it take for you to participate?

1. One theme a month as opposed to weekly

2. One photo to be submitted weekly or monthly

3. More awesome prizes

4. More loosly based themes (portraiture, light etc.)

5. No themes just a place for people to show new work and discuss

6. Links from my blog to yours when you showcase new work

7. Ditching the craft aspect

8. Increasing the craft aspect

All your comments would be truly appreciated as I want this to suit most people, be fun and not demanding and grow in size! Even if you are just a watcher please let me know what you would like to see more of!

You can comment anonymously if you please!!

Thanks in advance!! Love you work!!

PS Reminder to anyone joining in the Canon Photo5 Competition entries close on Sunday night (1 November) midnight!! I gotta get to shooting!

It just feels wrong to have a post without pictures so here is a sneak preview of the back of a current super secret project I am undertaking....shhh....don't tell anyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Goodbye films, goodbye noir, you have been so good to me.... I just need to get stuck in a finish my photos for the month....they are on hold tonight as I have to get stuck in and finish a She-ra costume for the little one for little time so many accessories to sew....why didn't you just wear the dress??? But it will be worth it as Amelie loves She-ra....and I can't wait to see if she recognises herself when she is all dressed up....stay tuned for awesome photos next week.

For today's final inspiration I will finish with the highly successful and stylised neo-noir Sin City. Filmed dramatically in black and white with accents of bold colour. The film was based on the comics by Frank Miller whose artistic vision was carried over into the film. I love these images below that show the comparison between the comic books and the film.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Only 2 days left to vote....if you have left it to the last minute...this is it!!

Noir Collage

Today I have taken a small departure and will be putting up random photos of Noir that I have found! Apologies for the lack of sources but I didn't want that to stop me from putting these beautiful and striking images up!

I love this film poster!

Monday, October 26, 2009

26 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

David Lynch's Noir

Lost Highway and Mullholland Drive

Lost Highway Encompases Both Neo-Noir and Surrealism

This is freaking me out a little right now!

Neo-Noir Psychological Thriller

There is some wicked imagery to be had in all of Lynch's films....some freaky, some beautiful but always interesting and thought provoking even if you don't know what the heck is going on (me all the time!).

He is a legend - so if you are ready for a trip out of reality go and watch a bit on Lynch magic!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

25 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

The ultimate Science Fiction Film Noir for me is BLADE RUNNER (1982)....Ridley Scott's classic film. I can't even think of the words to explain it's awesomeness...but go and see it and you will understand. Or just enjoy these images below!

Classic Noir Blinds!

24 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Stranger on the Third Floor (1940) is often claimed to be the first Film Noir - check out these beautiful images from the film:

Some great poses and photography....where will you take Noir?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shop Updates

I have finally updated my shop with the most recent of my baby bloomers and pants series. Head over and have a look at...

Stay tuned for more after so fruitful weekend sewing (fingers crossed)!

23 October 2009 Daily Inspiration

Tim Burton's Vincent

Inside Tim Burton's Wonderland

This week it was announced that the brilliant Tim Burton exhibition showing at MOMA in New York will be travelling to Australia next year!!! Hurrah!! It will be on in Melbourne at ACMI!
We will be travelling down as we had seriously considered going to New York to see it! If only funds would allow it!

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories

See the article from The Age HERE.

It states that the exhibition 'will bring together more than 700 examples of rare drawings, paintings, photographs and puppets and costumes. Among the exhibits will be early childhood drawings and student films by Burton as well as work from the yet to be released Alice in Wonderland.'

So in honour of this announcement I have chosen famed bizarre noir director Tim Burton as today's inspiration an example of the 'Modern Noir'.

Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow

Chrispoher Walken in Sleepy Hollow

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Corpse Bride

Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

Interesting Tales....

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