Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vintage Pattern Goodness

Some amazing vintage patterns that were given to me this week:

I can't wait to sew some fun clothes for the kids!

The most hated of quilts!

Have you ever had a project that you hate...but you just can't throw it just have to finish it!

This is the one for me...I knew when I started to quilt it that I hated it...turns out it was also a pain to quilt and has so many mistakes I should have thrown it out...BUT I JUST COULDN'T...I'm sure it's some sort of disorder...

So this has gone where all stuffed up projects go to the girls room as a dolls blanket...along with the unloved granny squares and other misadventures.

Those dolls shall never go cold again!

Oliver and S Bucket Hats

This is a little project I have been meaning to make for a while as the girls were growing out of their hats!

The weather has been nice and warm here and the girls have been enjoying playing outside a lot more! They picked their colours and I went to work...with a new little baby these didn't come together as quickly as they should and the crowns sat there for a few days before I could finish them off!

Clementine's is blue polka dots with a vintage sheet lining and Amelie's is a yellow star fabric with Heather Ross lining!

I used the Oliver and S bucket hat pattern which is awesome and free...make your own here!

The large is actually a good fit for my head so I am thinking I might have to make another one for me!

Interesting Tales....

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