Monday, December 31, 2012


It's nice to put together a little re-cap of those things made and done in 2012 to remind myself that the year was fruitful and we really did accomplish quite a bit!

Here is what we got up to:

I sewed a lot of Vintage Spring Dresses, Bloomers and Capes...some are pictured below and if you are interested head over to might spy some there!

One of the dresses was also featured in Shop 4 Kids which was exciting!

I started to play around with Screen Printing...

I sewed a range of things for home, friends and dolls!

I cut up loads of vintage sheet scraps into usable quilting squares and made 1 queen size quilt top...2013 will be the year of completed quilts I swear!

I did a spot of sewing for myself!

Also a bit of sewing for the girls!

I had a good Halloween run of Ponyo's and some custom order costumes from repeat customers!
I made 50 sales this year in my little etsy shop which I am very proud of!

Andy drew some amazing designs onto t-shirts!

We did some baking...and will be doing some more with our new Kitchenaid in 2013!

There was always a bit of crochet about...knitting is noticeably absent this year...I have been struggling with a cardigan for Amelie which I really need to sort out! It might just fit Clementine when it's done!

We did lots of kiddie crafts and activities this year too:

So here we come 2013...I can't wait to see what we get done in the New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, from my family to yours!

Thanks for being here this year through our ups and downs!

We hope you have a lovely holiday with your family and friends!

Stay tuned for some awesome sewing goodness in 2013 (a girl can dream right!)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Baking

Today we got stuck into our Christmas baking with our new Kitchen Aid!

First up Vanilla Currant Cookies:

Whipping up some icing!

The eager taste testers finally getting a bite...after a few hundred rounds of 'can I have one now?'

Recipe is from the Women's Weekly 'Biscuits and Slices' Book

Next up we made two batches of Gingerbread:

Some green royal icing sugar...yum!

Amelie hard at work rolling the dough!

Our tower of Gingerbread goodness!

Finally we set up a little decorating station...I iced while Amelie added the sprinkles and m+m's.

So pretty!

It was a fun day baking and playing with my new toy!

Now all my sewing and baking is done for the year I am going to have a week off...although I may pick up the crochet hook to try and finish my rainbow blanket over the break!

Little Clementine and Amelie

Inspired by the Little Me in Coraline I made these versions for Amelie and Clementine from their 'other Mother'.

It took a while to find the right glue to keep the hair down but now it should stay down!

I hope!

I gave the dolls dresses that match the girls Christmas dresses...I used the dress pattern from the Poppy Doll pattern.

Pattern from Yesterday's Trash

I saw it first on the indietutes blog

I am hoping to surprise the girls with them...they have helped with them along the way but not seen them finished!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

This week I won an amazing giveaway from Retro Mummy!

She very generously gave away TWO kitchen aids for Christmas and I was one of the lucky recipients!

I couldn't believe it when I saw my name...I was in shock! I have dreamed of a kitchen aid FOREVER but never thought that I would ever be able to own I admired them from afar!

Until now! 

Sometimes dreams come true...


The girls were as eager as me to open the HUGE package that arrive today:


Next we had to tidy up the bench and clear a space for Kitchen Aid!

(Amelie snuck in some Vampire teeth!)

The kitchen aid came with some brilliant accessories...I can't wait to get stuck into the recipe book!

Amelie loved the Captain Hook Hook (otherwise known as the dough hook!) 

We wait to get stuck into some baking...I am so excited the Kitchen Aid arrived in time for our big Christmas bake off on Friday...I will keep you posted with the results of our first Kitchen Aid adventure!

This great surprise coincided with another that we can now share! 
This week we hit the magic 12 weeks mark! 
Baby number 3 is on the way...due in July 2013...I will keep you updated with our progress!

For now I will be dreaming of the many things I make and bake...I think I am going to attempt some bread making!

Any other suggestions for awesome things to make with our Kitchen Aid?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Dolls' Progress

I am slowly making progress on the dolls for the girls...I have painted them and given them button eyes!

Next up some hair and clothes and we are all done!

Sounds simple but I have already hit a snag with some dodgy glue...I need to find the good stuff tomorrow and get a hair sticking!

PS Amelie's one has freckles just like her!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Dress for Audrey

I had a special request to make this dress for a friend!

Amelie had a turn modelling to check if the sizing was right!

Lovely vintage style buttons!

                       Prints Charming Fabric made with the Oliver+S Bubble Dress Pattern found HERE!

It matches the dress I made for her new baby sister HERE!

Amelie had a turn of photographing the dress after me and this is my favourite shot!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Make It Count - Christmas Edition

We've been getting our Christmas on here....Christmas sewing (see the girls' dresses HERE and HERE)...Santa Visits...Tree Trimming...Baking Cakes and Shortbread...and Christmas Parties!

The girls were treated to an extra long visit with Santa after some 'technical difficulties' with the computers!

Thankfully they were still smiling by the time it got going again!

Our tree all decorated!

Amelie at the Brown Owls Christmas Party...being Santa!

The rest of the pictures are from Taronga Zoo where my work has out Christmas Party! It was a great day out....the girls loved all the animals...especially the dinosaurs!

Amelie getting sprayed with some Dinosaur spit!

Some awesome face paint for the girls!

My favourite...the big ole scary T-Rex!

Now to get some Christmas gingerbread a baking!

Interesting Tales....

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