Monday, August 30, 2010

Arts Funding and Grant Opportunities

I have been looking into different funding options for my project and the current one that is available for me is the quick response grants from Arts NSW - the next applications are due on November 1st 2010 for projects created in 2011. Funding is available for up to $3000.

For my project the main priorities are lighting a possibly a more advanced camera to produce the images. I am hoping to make all the set dressing and costumes so this should not cost too much.

The next major funding rounds available to me for future projects are:

The Australia Council Grants (Australia Wide) due in April 2011 for projects in 2012

Arts NSW Grants due in July 2011 for projects in 2012

For more grants see your local arts organisation.
There are so many available and someone has to get the funding, so why not you?


My new sewing challenge is to sew a range of rainbow clothes - a different colour a week and list them in my Etsy and MadeIt stores.

This is week 1 and I have sew three RED dresses which have now been added to my little shops!!

Pop over and have a look:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Layette Dress No. 4 (Slip Dress)

A dark red and black version of the slip dress....also modeled by the lovely Clementine!

This is the final part of the layettes that I was making!


Layette Dress No. 3 (Slip Dress)

Clementine modeling the lovely slip dress part of the layette pattern....I love this fabric....I wish I had gotten more! This will also be added in my shop update this week!

Layette Dress No. 2

I have finished Layette Dress No. 2....and I love tempted to keep it as I love the fabric and Amelie loves wearing it too...a bit scary that a baby dress fits my 2 1/2 year old....but I am guessing they make them with generous sizing....FYI the slip dress part of the layette did not fir over her stay tuned for images of Clementine dressed up too!

I will be listing this dress on my Etsy and/or Made It Stores this week!

The Joan Doll

This weekend I made a Joan Doll (from Mad Men) for my friends's 30th Birthday.

My better half had some objections to the original face I made (right) and took it upon himself to create something magical (on the left)...I guess it looks a LITTLE bit more like Joan right?

Amelie has submitted approval of this doll!

Make Your Own Baby Wipes from the New Hippie Mum

I have been making my own baby wipes for a while now with a tutorial from Mummajoy (HERE). This was mostly due to having 2 girls in nappies and going through wipes at an insane rate!!!

The only amendment I have made to the tutorial is to fold the paper towel instead of cutting it (see below) as it works better for me and the perforations are easy to tear. I would also recommend only getting the good paper towel VIVA or similar when on sale or you end up paying almost as much as wipes! I also had no trouble with mould at all....this could be due to the fact that I only make up one roll of towel at a time and because we go through them so quickly!

This week I have also started using cloth nappies (above) which has been fun (mostly because they look like a rainbow which always makes me smile) and was much easier than I expected....

So all in all I feel like a Hippie Mum....or is this just life now for all mums balancing the costs and environmental impact???

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Artist Statement Memory Project

As my camera is currently undergoing repairs I have been progressing all the elements of the project I can without the camera (to be prepared for it's return!)

I have developed a small artist statement as a guide for the project and to develop a proposal for funding opportunities.

Memory Keys

Memory is essential to our creation of self.

The key to memory is perspective.

It is the way that we look back and create memories of key events and moments in our life.

It is the individual perspective that makes the memory unique and can cause the memory to create a stamp on our character.

In each of our lives there are the moments that have shaped us, the moments that created stories retold for generations, and random moments that crop up throughout our lives.

In my series of work I hope to recreate a series of memories from my own perspective, recreating what I carry with me, regardless of the accuracy of the events or others memories.

These are the key memories of my life they I hold onto and carry in my mind, whether they make me smile, laugh or cry they are the pieces of me.

I want to craft fun and interesting images that explore the real and surreal, creating eerie and evocative images.

E Doll and Potholders

The pot holders are finished and I also made a doll of E from The Eels for my friend's b'day and housewarming!

Apologies for the dodgy photos but my camera is in the shop (broken auto focus) and I have had to revert to an old digital happy snapper! Plus they were taken at night as I knew I would forget to take some the next day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doll from Ruby Doll Pattern

A little Christelle and Starr doll made from the Ruby Doll Pattern - available HERE for free

Layette Dress No. 1

My friend just had a little baby girl and I made the little dress for her!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Love - Tim Walker

My better half got some work recently so as a treat we each got a it is in my hot little hand! This cover is much better than the dust jacket! It is an awesome book and I am very happy with it :-) Below are some pics from the book:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photography Project

An update on where my photography project is at....I have been researching artists and have worked out what the basis of the project will be. Now I need to write it all down in la-di-dah fancy words into an 'artist statement'...that's going to be fun.

But basically what my idea for my project is: examining and recreating key memories from my life in photos. As a recreation the photos will be a mix of elements including crafty bits and imagination....

The following artists have been my major inspiration for this work and I hope to create something that looks like the following images mashed together in the form of my memory!

I also gave in and ordered a fabulous book by Tim Walker which I shall gush over in another post!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I finished the Colette Chantilly Dress


I am so excited that I made it through and am SO happy with the results.

This is the first dress I have attempted for myself since the great Vouge Dress Disaster of 2005.....but we don't need to go there...

Making this dress took a week of stolen moments to do each little step....I have to unpick and redo several bits to get them right and then found myself unpicking bits that I had gotten right. At those times I had to step away and leave it for another day.

I came up against many challenges involved with trying to sew and look after 2 little ones at the same time....there were moments where I had to let my baby cry and my toddler stand next to me begging for me to stop sewing and read a book...

Then there was the overlocker from hell who decided to have a breakdown and refuse to overlock....I rethreaded the thing so many times I felt like it was going to kill me slowly and painfully.

BUT I did it and I am so proud of the results....sure there are many little mistakes here and there but the overall outcome is AWESOMENESS.....

The pattern and instructions were great....for me it was a lot to take in but I made myself take each step and re-read the instructions and above all take it SLOWLY as I had learnt from the aforementioned Vouge Dress Disaster.

I also discovered the rolled hem foot on my machine and fell in love with the ease of hemming and the great result...I will definately be using this again.

So there you have it...I CAN make a dress for myself and I CAN make it AWESOME....and without tears (though it did come close to it with the overlocker from hell)!

Interesting Tales....

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