Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Few More Rompers For Good Measure!

So I was feeling a little guilty for not having sew many handmade clothes for Clementine this Christmas but it's mostly because she got her Christmas Romper and Bubble Dress earlier than expected...and then there was the Failure Suit...so I whipped up a few more Sis Boom Rompers...but I swear I am going to take a break now and focus on some mini dresses and adult presents for Christmas...but without further ado...

This one was made on the advice of my husband who likes the girls in pale pastels...but apparently this still isn't pale enough! I love both of the prints..the pink one has faint white and pink trees that are beautiful!

Size 9 Months....simplest romper without ruffles!

Vintage Yellow Button

Black, Red and White....my favourite colour combination!

Size 6 Months with Ruffle Sleeves

Vintage Red Button

Another Red, Black and White Combo

Size 9 Months with Ruffle Sleeve

30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 10 - A New Book

Four lovely books I have recieved or ordered with birthday mulla!

Monday, November 29, 2010

30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 9 - A New DVD
Again I was very blessed and recieved 2 for my Birthday!
Yes I understand that this is not a good movie but Jonathan Brandis was my high school crush! RIP Jonathan Brandis....it might be time for a Sea Quest DSV Marathon!
No explaination necessary!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Failure Suit

A lovely (hmmm) little playsuit for Clementine....what you can see is the REALLY dodgy stitching and LOADS of little mistakes that made me decide not to make this part of her Christmas present but something to just chuck on and wear around the house...I used some of my lovely Anna Maria Horner fabric...and one good thing about this failure is that it didn't use up much of the fabric so I still have some to play with!

I used this tutorial here and tried to make it reversible...which I like but I think I will mostly use the side she is wearing in the top pic! Plus I think I needed thicker bias tape...

I thought you would like to see one of my many failures, although the photos make it look much better than it is...I was pretty sad when I realised I had stuffed it up but happy that I can look at the fabric all day long when looking after Clementine.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Sale Time

It's Christmas Sale Time!!

Till Christmas simply enter the coupon code 'CHRISTMAS' for 20% off everything in my ETSY shop!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Important Note to Crafty Folk Who Want to Have Children

AKA My Creative Space

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on some important advice I wish I had known before I had children. It is essential that you choose a short name for your child! Believe me you will thank me later...two, three letters tops and you will be alright. Now I am not sure what possessed me to agree to a TEN letter name....but my hand is feeling it now...and I am only up to the fourth letter. So people please stick to the Joy's, Ben's, Lo's and Kim's if you know what's good for you!

For more advice from other crafty folk head over HERE

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 1 - A Birthday Dress
I was extremely lucky and got 2! I found out that none of my photos on the day show the dress really clearly so I have the photos from Modcloth so you get the idea!

None of the candles would light so Andy is sheltering the two that did!

With Clementine and my Grandma who made the solo trip down on the train for the weekend! It was much appreciated!

Monday, November 22, 2010

So I might have gotten a little excited...

So I was talking it over with the husband after finishing off the girls' Christmas outfits and we decided that we will give them to the girls at the start of the Christmas season so they get some wear out of them and can look all festive through December.

So this left me with a little dilemma...the romper I made for Clementine is size 9m and she currently 6m....what else could I do but make another one!?!?!?! Hehehe....so I whipped out the fabric and CAREFULLY cut it out this time so it was all aligned YAH and made a smaller romper for Clementine to wear! I loved making it again and am glad she will get more Christmassy wear!
Aww...don't they look cute together!
9m and 6m

Look how perfectly the pattern is centred and where the top flower would have been will be Clementine's beautiful face...okay I have gone too far!

Back with white vintage button (a bit hard to see but very cute!)

I used a thicker elastic on the legs of this one as I ran out of 1/4 inch elastic and HAD to make it then! You know the feeling!
Little white vintage button as closure!

So...I have put the 9 months romper in my ETSY shop...and here I thought I would not have time to make anything new for a while!

I also mended this dress on Sunday....the waist elastic had perished which made me wonder exactly how long have I had this dress?? Anyhow it now has a new lease on life....and I really need to get some more 1/4 inch elastic....I guess there is another fabric shop in the works!

Christmas Skirt

This is Amelie's Christmas outfit! Well obviously her skirt...I have a red top to go with it...and maybe some green striped socks too (if you see any in size 2-3 let me know!)....and also thank you to the blessed Ric-Rac for making it less obvious that I cut fabric without thinking about matching it up!
This skirt was SO simple to make I was thinking about posting a tutorial but that may be redundant! Anyone interested?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mending Update

I have been doing my make one and mend two as I go...this mending turned into a minor re-fashion. It was a great op-shop find that I have worn for years and worn through the elbows. After many a mend I though it was time to chop and re-stitch the arms. It turned out really well..it looks a little funny in the photo but looks good when worn! Hurrah a favourite saved!

I also mended a pair of red Chinese PJ's I got for Amelie from an op-shop last year...the elastic was worn out so I replaced it and now she has awesome summer PJ's!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sis Boom Baby Romper

It was great to get back into sewing today and it was a delight to sew this Sis Boom Baby Romper...it's a great pattern and I love the look of the ruffle and the fact that it is reversible! This one is for Clementine for Christmas (and to wear on the day too)....it is size 9 months to try and get maximum wear over the summer. Ah how I love it...the only slight annoyance is that the pattern in one inch off centre which I didn't even think about when I was cutting out! Terrible considering yesterdays post....definite scolding is needed! I didn't want to waste any fabric by cutting it again....so lesson learnt!

Oooo...and I loved using snaps...it looks all fancy like!

Thanks to Little Betty Designs for the pattern...check out her bonnets too...they are adorable!

Giveaway Winner

And the winner of last weeks giveaway is:
Catherine said...

amelie - me too!

Drop me a line HERE with you details and I will send the pack out to you!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaways...I will have more coming soon....so keep an eye out!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The fear of cutting into a fabric lest you damage it's beauty.

Most sufferers like to spend time putting their fabric into embroidery hoops and admiring the result before packing away their fabric neatly into their stash.

There is no known cure, however sufferers seem quite content and relaxed as they gave upon their fabric, sometime even euphoric.

Heather Ross Heaven

So after the whole Mermaid fabric incident....where I loved it and thought "well I can't afford proper fabrics when I already have a recyclable stash...but it's lovely"...so this continued until recently when the fabric became 'rare' ie silly expensive....but I did get a little bit for my birthday and it's on it's way....to avoid further disasters in the future I thought I should order the current Heather Ross Fabric that I love from the series Far Far Away 2....thanks to some birthday money I could order this guilt free!!

I got mine from Retro Mummy....as set of choose your own fat quarters with postage included!

Badskirt has also just got some in stock too!

My Creative Space...

Today my creative space has been taken over by wet swimming clothes, colouring ins from Mini Musos and a quick trip to spotlight....you might notice the butterflies and stars for the Glinda costumes and some embroidery hoops...which I plan to display some Heather Ross Mermaid fabric which I might have bought this week...hehehehehehe....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belle and Boo Number 2

Belle and Boo Oliver + S Dress (Mark 2)

Back View

This version is lined with left over satin from the Glinda's instead of cotton as with Amelie's...I love the look and feel of it

I was commissioned to create another Belle and Boo dress the same size as Amelie's...I ordered my Oliver + S license to make it all official and am now waiting for it to arrive so I can stitch the little tag in...wow...all professional like!

Now I am left with one final piece which will be put away till I can decide what to do with it!

Interesting Tales....

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