Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Disney Frozen Party

Amelie and Clementine's 6th and 4th Birthday Party

We recently had a combined celebration for the girls' birthdays...with a Frozen theme!

The girls both love the film and I made their costumes as part of their present along with the dolls!

We had a very simple and fun party - using the magical resource of the internet along with some handmade goodness!

Frozen themed snowflakes for decoration...can you spy Olaf and Sven?!

My husband and I had a little cake competition...he went with artistic and I went with a classic style!

Jelly Cups!

Some Frozen Hearts and Snowflake Gingerbread!

My mother-in-law made some awesome Frozen themed meringues!

The Party Table!

My talented sister-in-law did some amazing face-painting for the kids:

Some more awesome shots of the Elsa cake - that girl has some power!

We also decorated the pass-the-parcel and pinata with some great pictures from the film....

...but beware wrapping your pinata in the local country paper may result in this:

At least Olaf seems excited...and thankfully no-one noticed...until I pointed it out to everyone!

Party Resources:

Wee Wander Rainbow Quilt and Pillowcase

This weekend I turned my Wee Wander Fat Quarters into a quilt and pillowcase for Clementine's 4th Birthday.

I absolutely adore this fabric and am so glad it came out in time for me to make this quilt that I hope Clementine will cherish forever! She has already picked out her favourite fabric 'the horsies'.

I was a bit stuck for a backing as all the fabric I had wasn't big enough. After searching my linen cupboard I used a lovely soft cotton flannel sheet for backing so the quilt should be nice and warm!

I used my favourite method of quilting - a machine zigzag!

May there be many hours of snuggles and peekaboo ahead for this quilt!

I made the pillowcase in the same style as Amelie's Briar Rose pillowcase - using the scraps from the fat quarters which turns out to be the perfect length. Clementine loved her new pillowcase so much it was a bit of a struggle to get it back to put away for her birthday!

Vital Statistics

My Amendments to the Pattern: Instead of the yardage suggested I purchased a complete set of fat quarters and used all 21 of the prints instead of 17. I cut the fat quarters into 9 squares measuring 6 inches each. The final size of the finished quilt is 82 inches by 66 inches. 

To quilt it I used a walking foot on my standard machine and quilted every second zig zag 1/4 inch from the seam. This created a lovely chevron pattern on the back of the quilt.

To back the quilt I used a queen size flannel sheet I found in my linen cupboard!

To bind the quilt I used a large off-white flat sheet to keep it plain and leave the focus on the beautiful rainbow!

For the wadding I used a premium seed cotton wadding.

The quilt is now tucked away for Clementine's birthday in May. It too is looking forward to many years of snuggles, fort building, hide and seek, and imaginative play!

See also: Amelie's Briar Rose Quilt

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Frozen Anna Costume

Do you wanna build a snowman?

The girls are born in April and May so this weekend we had a combined Frozen birthday party!

Clementine was so excited when she opened her Anna costume and she lived in it the whole weekend!

I love how it came together with the dress and the cape - I also had a lot of fabric left over so I have added it as a custom listing if you are interested.

Thanks to Sarah for sending me this pic of Anna as Clementine!

DIY Ironing Board Cover

A quick DIY for an ironing board cover - can be used on both the mini and maxi variety!

1. Cut 1 of cotton wadding the same shape as the ironing board. If you are using this for a real ironing board you can get insul-brite heat resistant batting.

Cut 1 of main fabric in the same shape as the ironing board plus 2 inches (4 inches for large board). 

Baste the wadding in place in the centre as shown above.

2. Clip 2 small squares out of the bottom corners as shown above. Leave half an inch seam allowance on both sides.

3. Stitch the sides of the cut out squares together.

4. Fold the edge of the main fabric over 1/4 inch twice to form a casing. Stitch the casing down at the edges as shown above - leaving an opening at the centre front of the main fabric.

5. Cut out elastic for your casing - this can be from 1/8 - 1/4 inch in width. If you are making a larger cover you can expand the casing to 1/2 inch wide and use a thicker and stronger elastic. Thread the elastic through the casing and tighten till it hugs the board well. Cut to size if necessary and stitch the ends together. Finish off the casing once the elastic is inside by stitching the opening shut. 

All done and ready for action!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Retro Butterick B5748

Retro Butterick B5748


The 'Thouraya' Dress

When I was younger I was told my name meant a constellation of stars which was pretty awesome and the interweb confirms it means 'stars and planets'. So I thought I could aptly name this dress after myself when I found this amazing constellation fabric!

I was also lucky enough to have a wonderful pattern on hand. I made a dress for a friend who is getting married and wanted a dress the same as her bridesmaids! It is a lovely dress made from a gorgeous liberty print that I will share soon...and since I fell in love with the pattern I made one for me too!

I love the shape of the back and I must say it passes the twirl test with flying colours!

Vital Statistics:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Amelie is SIX!

This week our darling Amelie turned 6!

I thought I would be really tricky and sneak in overnight and put her new Briar Rose Quilt on her bed so that when she woke up on her birthday morning she would get a surprise.


I even slipped a new pillowcase under her head...and she woke up, raced out of bed looking for presents...so I sent her straight back! Once she realised she was excited!

Thanks to Nicole at Frontier Dreams for giving me the idea to make a pillowcase to match her quilt - turns out the scraps I stitched were the perfect size for a pillowcase!

Dressed up as Elisabat for her Monster High Party! 

Elsa with Elsa!

She was so excited that this Elsa costume was for her - I needed to test the arms and she thought it was for my shop!

See also: Clementine's Anna Costume!

She has had a lovely couple of days and is so excited to be 6!

I always love to see how much the little ones have grown so I put together this series of photos of Amelie through the years....from 0-6!

Interesting Tales....

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