Friday, July 31, 2009

and the winner is.....

'My favourite images were 'BLUE 5' and 'YELLOW TEA' both by ernie.louise.
Wonderful photos. Both very folksy and charming but slightly gothic ('BLUE 5' reminds me a little of the American painters Edward Hopper and Thomas Eakins).
Nice work!'

Andrew Battye

Congratulations!! Please email me your address details and I can send the prize your way!!

It was close with several different works making the get ready and start shooting for next month!!

Thanks to Andy for judging this months challenge!

31 July 2009 Daily Inspiration


Upload your photos before 5pm AEST to be up for this months PRIZES. They will be judged tonight and then I will post the winner tomorrow or tonight if I get time.....

GOOD LUCK, all the work has been BRILLIANT and I am very excited about branching out into new themes this coming week!!

Today's inspiration is one of my favourite images from my series on Tunisia.

The photo was taken on a medium format camera and is a c-type printed with the now 'old' processes. It is of a neighbour of my family in Tunisia. My dad is over there now visiting family and I am very jealous, missing the beautiful beaches and my lovely family!

PS This would have been great for BLUE week!! Oh well....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

30 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES it now.....don't forget only 1 more day to go!!!!!

Today I have been checking out Opportunities for Photographic Artists on the CCP (Centre for Contemporary Photography) Website, they have some great leads if you are interested in getting funding and have a BRILLIANT list of Photographic Competitions for Australia as well as GLOBAL....great work CCP.

I was a bit sad that yesterday's entry didn't have a photo alongside it so today I have added inspiration:

This is a photo from years ago that I took of my Nephew....I never used it in an exhibition but I just love it....I am gearing up for the Black and White week coming soon, I have some of my favourite photographers just waiting to be unleashed.....keep an eye out!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

29 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

So technically we are in no man's's the end of week 4 but not yet for the Daily Inspiration I have decided to add in photographic and craft competitions that you might be interested in entering.

Today's competition is the Centro Smile Photography Competition (for Australian residents)

PLUS DON'T FORGET TO UPLOAD ALL YOUR IMAGES ONTO FLICKR BY FRIDAY 31st JULY as the official judging will take place after 5pm AEST, Good Luck and thanks for all the awesome COLOUR images!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

I can't believe it is the end of the month and today is the final day of GREEN and time for another one of my favourite photographers Laren GREENfield. Not just an awesomely appropriate name but a brilliant portrait photographer. I have included a few relevant works but I urge you to go and look at more as she has some amazing work. Her focus is on documentary photography and she has done a lot of excellent series with young girls and women.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Wicked Witch

Here are my GREEN photos for this week! I usually like to work with natural light but getting home late means there is no light left! I took these with light from my light box. I think they worked out well, I was going to play around some more but I was really happy with the result.

27 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

We are nearing an end to GREEN and all colours...I have had a few ideas this week about what to shoot but haven't got stuck into it yet....I promise that tonight I will take photos and post some up tomorrow!

Canberra based photographer Carolyn Young's work revolves around the state of rivers. Her beautiful photography presents science through art creating a greater awareness of the issues related to our natural environment.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ultimate Red Grid

Was it just me or did anyone else notice anything missing from the RED GRID??? No-one said anything!!! I found 10 images on my desktop today in a clean up and realised they hadn't made it I made up the ULTIMATE RED GRID this afternoon....CHECK IT OUT!!!!

26 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

One Red Robin

To all crafters and non-crafters....todays inspiration comes from ONE RED might have already heard of her or seen her beautiful softies before. My favorite are her woodland creatures, she also offers free patterns on her website!!!

Here are some softies sporting GREEN just for us....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

25 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

It's not easy being GREEN.....inspirational GREEN characters:

I am loving the green photos that have been uploaded....keep them coming, I am going to shoot some tomorrow!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

'I Made This!'

...for meet me at things can do it too.....

PS It's also GREEN....did you pick up on that....I thought so....

PPS If you like this top have a look here....

24 July 2009 Daily Inspiration one of my earliest photographic inspirations. In 2000 I was studying photography at COFA and got to see her do a floortalk at the ACP. Since then I have followed her career and I love her new series 'Carousel'. I have attached some images of her early works....all containing this weeks chosen theme of GREEN.

Tiny Dancer 2001

Silent Sleeping Beauty 2000

Restless Sleeping Beauty 2000

Only Words 2001

Last Night 2001

Green Dress 2000

A Week of Special Stuff

Day Four

I have many special things that I have collected from my childhood. Mostly things that have been given away as I grew up I have rediscovered through second hand books stores and the Internet. I Love my GOLDEN BOOK collection and my favourite illustrator is Eloise Wilkin. Her images have stayed with all my life and I have now amassed all of her works. My favourite one that I remember from my days as a small human is 'Where Did the Baby Go?' it fascinated me and I loved the little girl searching the house for this are some of my favourite images and books:

Where did the Baby Go? I love her hat too, I always wanted one like that....

The New Baby

I love this cute....

This reminds me of games we used to play at Sunday school

This makes me think of little Amelie one day in the future.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

23 July 2009 Daily Inspiration

In my search for inspiration today I found the artist: Tamara Dean. Her dark landscapes, usuallu GREEN, are eerie and ominous and her subjects are really are a few to draw you in....
Check out

A Week of Special Stuff

Day Three

My Special ('our') books and my workroom inspiration walls....these pieces create the whole that is me...

Our lounge room - have a look at the brilliant Weta Superman statue that was the cake topper for our wedding!!

My workroom wall with a painting of me when I was a little girl....

Another section of wall with a photo of my brother and I where we were kids....

A less populated wall with my wedding veil...bunched up a bit as Amelie tries to pull it down...also pictures of my 'dream' my 'dream' body 'dream' garden and the like....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red Grid

RED GRID.....check it out....created from the group pool on flickr. I love the way the works have come together....thanks to everyone who submitted work!!

22 July 2009 Daily Inspiration


Welcome to GREEN.......

Today has been an intense blogging day and now we can begin our journey into the depths of GREEN. In these eco-friendly times GREEN gets thrown around and bantered so much that it is hard to ignore....let alone in the copious amounts that surround us....

I hope you enjoy the final week of colour....

Today's inspiration is an Australian photographer Rosemary Laing. Her series Groundspeed incorporated carpet into the natural environment. Below are two examples of work from this series:

August Themes Announced

We are taking it up a notch in August so get your thinking cap on....the theme for the month is
....and the weeks are as follows:
Week 1 August 1-7
Black and White
Week 2 August 8-14
Superheroes and Villains
Week 3 August 15-21
The Birds and the Bees
Week 4 August 22-28
Mornings and Evenings
So start thinking, plotting and planning for can keep to the themes as tightly or as loosly as you choose. Feel free to add your reasoning into your description if you dare!

A Week of Special Stuff

I have been eyeing this on the Meet Me At Mikes blog for the last couple of days and have finally got a chance to share .....


My family is special to talented husband farewelling his BRILLIANT painting, it has travelled to Melbourne with the possibility of finding a new home!!

My beautiful daughter Amelie and a Bubble....

Me and my dog Flute when she was just a little puppy!!

Amelie and Atticus Monthly Prize JULY

This months prize has been donated by The Creative Haven - A collaboration between textile artist Carly Prowse (Busy Bird) and film maker Andrew Altree-Williams. Please check out their Blogs and Shop.

The prize is an AWESOME jigsaw puzzle of a still from their short film. It also features a hand embroidered pouch and postcard so you can see what you are putting together.

With this months prize I will also be including a lunch/tote bag that I have made from Alannah Hill fabric and a craft pack.....see the pictures below.

As this months featured sponsor The Creative Haven have a month long AD on this blog, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor please let me know.

I am aware that this prize is a little 'girly' and I ensure that the next months prizes will be more unisex!!

ALSO you may be wondering how will the prizes be awarded??? Well I am a person of constant change and as such I want to do a different method each month, for example we will have guest judges picking their favourites, a group vote from participants and other fun ways. I want to mix it up and keep it fair as beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think you have all been doing AWESOME work!

This month the winner will be chosen by our Guest artist Andrew Battye. He will be judging the work anonymously and the winner will be announced on Friday the 31st July 2009.

Interesting Tales....

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