Friday, January 31, 2014

Charming Floor Cushion

I love it when one little sewing job can solve so many things!

I hate to waste fabric and thus I have a HUGE amount of scraps. I even held onto all my red and white Ponyo left overs with a vague notion of one day creating a cross quilt...until today! 

The need for a floor cushion arose in our home and I jumped at the chance to use my scraps as filling! In fact it used up every last scrap...and could probably use a few more!

I was so excited (as I am in a clear out mode) and this removed any guilt I would have had if this fabric ended up in the bin!

For the cushion I used a lovely Prints Charming fabric that I've had put away for a while and I followed this DIY from Made by Rae! I would have loved to have done the piping but I didn't have enough at home and I was impatient to get a-sewing!


Another AWESOME hand drawn tee for Atticus to add to his collection!

See his Atticus tee HERE!

Wee Wander

I spy with my little eye...

...some lovely Wee Wander fabric that has arrived in my studio!

This set of fat quarters will be turned into a quilt for Clementine, similar to Amelie's Briar Rose Rainbow Quilt.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fort Firefly (The Fabric Obsession Series)

Fort Firefly by Teagan White is another illustrative fabric series that I fell in love with this year while hunting for quilting fabric for Clementine.
I found another lovely series for Clementine (see it HERE!) but could not let this one go!

I ended up spending some birthday money on a bag from Society 6 (see all her amazing designs HERE!)

Then after a while I thought I really should get some fabric as well...

I decided to make a Washi Dress...and played around adding a range of different trims and altering the back to use a casing instead of shirring:

I made a faux-collar with some trim as to not interrupt the pattern too much!

And then it was done:

It didn't feel quite right so I played around with it and found it worked much better as a tunic:

Then with the excess fabric I made a skirt for Clementine:

and one for Amelie!

It was great to work with such lovely fabric and not a scrap of it went to waste!

Do you have a favourite fabric you have been crushing on?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Briar Rose

The fabric has arrived and the quilt top has been completed!

Now comes the real hard work of quilting!

I never like to waste any special fabric so I have sewn the scraps together for an as yet unknown scrappy project,

ideas anyone?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gone Quiltin'

This week I have been cutting and sewing my little heart out!

The Briar Rose quilt top came together today and is almost finished. I am just waiting on some extra fabric to finish that last little corner!

Here are some shots I took while I was having fun with my Heather Ross addiction!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

One potholder...two potholders...three potholders...

 Some little potholders I made for Christmas this year.

If you want to create your own head over HERE!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Atticus' Ripple Blanket

I started this little blanket while awaiting my new arrival...

...and now 6 months down the track I have finally finished it!

It was my first ripple blanket and I have learnt a valuable lesson...I cast on way too tightly - so for my next ripple blanket I will cast on the first row with a larger crochet hook so you will get a neat ripple (like the top row instead of a too tight ripple like at the bottom)!

I do love the ripple effect and I am sure I will cast on another one soon.

Atticus' verdict?


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