Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make It Count

It was a sad, strange and also wonderful day today. 

It started out with fun activities like washing the clothes and bleaching a port-a-cot I found (this is after trying the natural bleaches of vinager and salt!) 

Amelie was really proud that she was all dressed up for big school and was pretending to be her cousin who is in Kindy this year.

We went to the library first things and got out lost of books and the bottom image Amelie is dancing to seems like she is changing costumes constantly!

I love the look of love in Clementine's eyes for her sister...I hope it lasts!

Now to the sad and strange part...if only I'd thought to take my camera!

I saw a house in our street get robbed today.

I wrote down all I could...but in hindsight I wished I had taken some photos and called 000 immediately.

If you see something dodgy don't hesitate to call the authorities...I was all worried that it wouldn't be important enough and I had a million other things running through my head. Man I wish I'd had my camera at my peep hole!

Worst of all was seeing the family when they came home - they have kids in primary and high school and they were devastated. It reminded me of when I was little and we were robbed. I came home and found was terrible.

I hope they sleep well tonight and I hope they get the guys.

So that was our sad, strange and wonderful day!

What happened in your life today?!


  1. Oh that is so awful. How heartbreaking for them.
    We had a really nice day. Visited my partner at work, played in a park, took the boy for a haircut, had chocolate milkshakes before heading home for lunch. Then this afternoon we played "doctors" for ages... I was knackered... and I was the patient!!!

  2. Oh no! Sounds like you did the right thing though - getting down as much details as you could. Must of been sad for you thinking back to your own experience also.

    The photos of the girls are beautiful - especially the one of Amelie dancing and you can see she has a big smile on her face.


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