Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Sundress Tutorial

Monday, June 27, 2011

Designing Fabric from Sketch to Print

Hanging in pride of place and making my kitchen look pretty (well prettier). Now I just have to pluck up the courage to atually use it - for now I just love looking at it (so proud)

Onto how to make a sketch a clean and crisp digital image:

I have been pondering for a while how best to make a sketch digital to print it...I have asked many people and searched online...surely this is a simple and basic concept?!?!

Finally two blogs I follow answered the question on the same day!

Most poeple scan in the sketch and trace the work digitally through illustrator...if you are interested in creating your own fabric to print head over here to Whip Up for an excellent run down on how the 'pros' do it!

Sandi Henderson has previously explained the design process but I was disappointed when she left out the KEY step which I was searching for!

But she totally came good this weekend when she explains how she drafts patterns - on newspaper like me...and then scans and traces them into illustrator!

So hip hip horrah my little mystery is to dream of a scanner bigger than might be time to scan in my newspaper cape pattern as it is getting pretty worn and torn!

Orange and Black Cape with Ikea Fabric

My newest cape - perfect for Halloween - made with the lovely black and orange fabric I scored from Ikea and a thick black is so nice and warm and I just love this print...I have half of the fabric left and no idea what to make next...but I can wait till the perfect project comes along!

The cape is $40 and listed HERE and HERE

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let the Sunshine In

A beautiful summer sundress...pity it is the middle of winter down here!

I finished this dress on the weekend and am working on the tutorial - to be posted this week - stay tuned!

Friday, June 24, 2011

To Market To Market

On Thursday I went the Sydney Quilt and Craft Fair with some lovely friends, my first fair in a while! Thankfully the girls were with their grandparents for the day!

Here is what I came home with:

Some Anna Maria Honer (top left) for a project from my new book, some Saffron Craig (bottom right) for as yet unknown project for the girls, and some other random bits!

Stalls I bought from:

I was also lucky enough to take part in Louise Snook's screen printing workshop. I haven't done this style of fabric printing since high school and it was great to relearn the skills and make a little tea towel:

I also did a spot of shopping in the online marketplace too - I saw this series on the Hawthorne Threads newsletter and I just had to get it...the series is The Ghastlies by Alexander Henry...I love them...the white background is 2 yards and will be something for me...and the mauve one will be something for the girls....stay tuned!

And lastly I received this surprise gift of beautiful ribbon and buttons from Stranger than Fiction! Thanks so much...I love it!

So all in all I have quite a bit of lovely fabric goodness to keep me going for a while!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Almost Epic Failure

I am still trying to decide if these fall into the 'epic failure' or 'almost epic failure' category.

The Back Story: I have this pants pattern that I bought at least 10 years ago...a plain basic stright up and down pattern...10 years ago I enthusiastically made a pair in a grey fabric...I was very proud of these pants but they never quiet fit right. They were tight around the hips and the zipper cover pulled out as a result. I persisted in wearing them until a co-worker commented on them one day and I realised it was time to retire them.

Fast Foward to Present Day: It came to my notice a month ago I needed work pants desperately - the two pair I have owned for 6 years were dead pants walking. I was determined to make my own as my skills over the last 10 years
have improved greatly and I was ready to take on this pants pattern again. I was very careful and put my pride aside, scaling the pattern up two sizes from when I made it 10 years ago. In addition I made the seams a bit smaller than necessary.

Other adjustments I made included adding pockets to the pants and making one side of the pocket lining polka dots to brighten up the standard black pants.

So I made the pants up...very excited to have some new pants...until I tried them on.

I couldn't believe it....they were tight around the hips AGAIN and I was so uncomfortable in the...I was devestated. To make matters worse I have decided to whip up 2 identical pairs so I could have a couple for work...not thinking about the DOUBLE failure I might have to deal with.

I went into damage control and made all the seams as small as I could and spent an evening unpicking and reworking them as much as I could.

The result was one wearable pair and one still unwearable pair. The wearable ones are still a bit tight around the hips so I am not totally happen with them and I cannot think about them without a bit of a sinking feeling.

Moral: This style of pants does not suit my body I will be selling the second pair of pants and the pattern. I am now on the hunt for an AWESOME pair of pants to make for work.

So have you got any suggestions for a pattern for a woman with hips and thighs? But is also flattering!

Please I need help!

It's taken me 2 weeks to write this post because the pants made sad - but I love reading about epic failures as much as victories and I hope to write soon with the most awesome pants ever made post!

The Offending Pattern (I made the style on the left but added pockets!)

Some Beautiful Things I Now Own

The mermaid locket is from The Black Apple and was a little present to myself for a

hard slog of working on orders...and the book was a present from the husband after he had a night out in the city (I might have forced his hand saying that if he was going to buy himself something from Kinokuniya he had better return with a Japanese craft book for me!). He did a great job picking a beautiful book and I can't wait to try out some of the patterns soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Winter of Plaid - Little Pink Dress

I love this little dress....okay by now you must realise I love plaid!

Clementine was a much easier model to work with! Give her a mini book and she is happy!

I have been inspired by such Pink Plaid beauties as:

For more of my inspirations check out my visual diary HERE

This dress is $30 HERE and HERE!

The Winter of Plaid - The Black and Red Dresses

I love this photo - this was the look I was going for with this series - it's a shame it is a little blurry but it was the clearest of the is so hard to keep the little ones still!

The first dress is size 2-3 and has a covered button clasp at the shoulders!

The second dress is size 5-6 and has a straight edged back? (I am basically just making up terminology at this point)

I love the little plaid badge but it is a little too poorly constructed for sale...but I love how it looks on the dresses...I might have to make up some good ones soon!

Both dresses are $30....HERE and HERE

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Winter of Plaid - The Pants

Some cute plaid pants to add to The Winter of Plaid!

I am excited to finally have a couple of items that boys can wear too!

I have been trialing different backgrounds for taking photos - white or green?? What do you think?

The pants are $15 and available HERE and HERE

The Winter of Plaid - The Skirts

One with straps and buttons...

...One Long

...and One Short

...and this is where Amelie really wanted to be in the 'cubby' created by the sheet I put up over the window for the photos!

They all turned out really well and I especailly love the top skirt with straps - made with a wool plaid I have had for so long I can't even remember where it came from but I have been waiting to use it for ages!

The simple skirts are both $15 and the skirt with buttons and straps is $40 HERE and HERE!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Winter of Plaid - Bloomers

I have been wanting to make these bloomers for a while - inspired by that top image which is on Amelie's bedroom door - and it is her to a tea! I love the bubble effect and have only just noticed that Amelie has pretty much the same pose in the photo as the inspiration...believe me she was not happy about being a was even tough with bribery...but I love the way they turned out and if you love them too you can get them HERE or HERE for only $15!

The Winter of Plaid

Introducing my new series of children's clothing The Winter of Plaid.

Inspired by cold days, libraries, books, and vintage children's ware...

Check it out at my Madeit shop and my Etsy shop

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Twin Flower Girls

There is something about making clothes for Twins that I love - I always wanted to have twins but the reality of twin newborns is a little scary - so I might stick to the clothing orders as they come in!

The girls love lending a hand - Clementine with the photos and Amelie with the modelling (with the longer hem). It's always hard to photograph when you finish a project at night but I like this kinda spooky photo!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!

If you want to order a custom little dress head over HERE!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ponyo Costume - Size 6-7

This week I made my first Ponyo Dress and Bloomers in Size 6-7

I added 2 inches to the length of the bloomers and made a larger hem that can be let down for future growth spurts!

I can make the Ponyo costume in any size from children to adults - so if you are interested pop over to my SHOP!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Op Shop Fabric

Some lovely op-shop fabrics - I think the fox would make a lovely dress and the large print could be something for a boy! I might have to stop fabric 'finding' but then again it is almost time for the quilt and craft fair!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventures in Photography

Follow the trail to more photo goodness HERE

Ikea Fabric

I finally made it to Ikea to purchase some highly desired fabric...I have been coveting those houses for a long time...and I am now in love with the comic book fabric I found too...

This weekend I am sewing a Ponyo and two little flowergirls...I hope you are enjoying your weekend too!

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