Friday, May 31, 2013

Practical Sewing

I've been knocking off some practical sewing this week...trying to get all my ducks in a row!

As we will have three little ones in the back Amelie has been upgraded to a booster seat. It needed a cover so I made her this cushion from the bright Prints Charming fabric!

I also made this little caddy for the car so they have somewhere to put their toys on long journeys!

Let the fun and games begin!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Care Bear Hoodies

I've had this project waiting on the side for a while...I thought I had better get stuck into it as the weather is cooling down!

I was inspired by this amazing hoodie...check out the tutorial HERE!

I used the same pattern the Yorik by Farbenfix de as I loved the way the hood sat - and it was a very easy pattern - even with the german instructions!

The girls picked which bear they wanted ages ago (Cheer Bear for Amelie and Funshine for Clementine) and I had the fabric all ready to go...then at the last minute...luckily JUST before I cut the pattern out they switched...Amelie's new favourite colour is Yellow and Clementine has switched to Pink!

First up I made the patches for the tummies which was fun doing some hand embroidery with felt on fleece:

For the rest I pretty much stuck to the instructions - with the addition of the cute bear ears!

I love how they turned out...the sewing is not 100%...I am so used to working with cotton that knits always stretch a little with me!

But on the plus side the girls love them and it's something bright and fun for the cold days ahead!

Getting their care bear stares on!

After the photo sessions the girls decided to put on a little Care Bear's great to share something from my childhood with the girls!

Work in Progress - Sneak Peek

A little peek at a project I am working on today for the girls...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

New Peter Pan Dresses

This week I finished the first round of Peter Pan Dresses!

These are all size Newborn - 6 Months as dresses and can be worn longer as a tunic!

There is a mix of vintage and new fabrics...

Some cute buttons...


..and amazing prints!

Check out the full collection HERE!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Country Towns and Vintage Sheets

I realise that I don't hit the op shops that often...but when I do I always look for vintage sheets. I've noticed a trend that they have disappeared from the city op shops (at least when I visit)...people have gotten wise! 

So whenever I am in Cooma town I try to make a trip to the Salvos as they usually have a sheet or two for me...this time I was not disappointed...they had 11 beauties waiting for me!

It's nice to have a little collection again! I will start by using these as quilt backings...and then maybe some dresses...if anyone wants to swap a sheet or two let me know!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Clementine's Labyrinth Party

Last week little Clementine turned 3!

She decided she wanted a 'Toby' party...she loves that Babe with the Power from Labyrinth!

I made little Toby gingerbread!

Her dad made an awesome invitation (see Clementine as Toby!)...I then used it for the Pinata...along with some other pictures from the film:

She got a little Toby doll with her presents...I made the little suit!

Some more gingerbread...owls and stars!

Clementine got a Toby 'costume' for her birthday and Amelie dressed up as Sarah!

Her awesome birthday cake getting iced!

The masterpiece...I made the cake and icing and her dad iced it...pretty awesome!

I made some slime for spells!

And some lollibags with a range of different film posters!

It was amazing to see all the kids dressed up! They looked great!

Clementine getting ready to take the pinata down!

It was a great day...and an awesome party...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEMENTINE!

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