Kiki Costume Completed

Today I finished the accessories for Amelie's Kiki costume....I ended up finding a pair of red shoes so I made the red bow for her hair and the satchel!

We also got a broomstick (thank goodness for halloween...) and a Jiji doll from J-List to complete the set

PS...I love snaps...

...but most of all I love this turned out perfect...
I made my own pattern for the bag and bow and was worried that the bow material would not stand well as it was a knit fabric....but I put a little soft iron on interfacing and it was PERFECT....

So proud....I might even borrow it one day...look it's AWESOME!


  1. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.
    Mad skills, I tell ya! "}

  2. Thanks heaps!!! I am getting there slowly!!


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