30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 24 - Go to a Photography Exhibition in Person
Last weekend we went on a gallery crawl in Sydney and this is what we saw....

Roslyn Oxley Gallery

Patricia Piccinini – Beyond our kin, 2010

Outre Gallery

Australian Centre for Photography

with Garth Knight, Deborah Paauwe, Farrell & Parkin, Alexia Sinclair and Robyn Stacey


Decline and Fall
Gerard O’Connor and Marc Wasiak with Harry Rekas and Visual Thing

It was great to get out and see art in person....although it is an insane hike around to see all the different galleries...if only they were all together it would be bliss! We also had to leave Amelie with the Grandparents to save our sanity!

I particularly loved the Patricia Piccinini show and both shows at the ACP.


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