30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 26 Have a Wardrobe Clean Out

Things had gotten to a pretty bad stage....I couldn't find any clothes cause they were all piled high on the chair in the bedroom....so I decided if I was going to go to the trouble of putting it all away I might as well have my big clean out...

...and it was awesome...I finally got rid of clothes I have been carrying around but haven't worn in years and the most exciting part was finding a huge stash of summer dresses I had put away last summer when I was pregnant! It was amazing...I was just getting to the point where I thought I really needed some new dresses because I didn't have any! But now they are back in action and all the maternity clothes have been packed away for a few years!

PS This is the cleanest this wardrobe and dresser will ever get....keen eyes will also notice my new Strawberry Shortcake 30th Anniversary dolls I got with some 30th Birthday money!


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