Treasures From The Weekend

I had a pretty great weekend really...Saturday was spent getting stuck into my crafty projects and taking some photos and on Sunday we had our usual relaxing Roast lunch. Sunday afternoon we visited a friend for a catch up and picked up some Buffy season 3 and 4 goodness which we have started watching....also Chaotic Jupiter just got back from Melbourne and picked up the fabric goodies above for me from Patchwork on Central Park. I am thinking of using the pears fabric to make a summer dress for my little one as it is really really fine. I have no idea what I will do with the rest yet but I am enjoying looking at it at the moment.

I also scored this awesome purse (but with red velvet and zippers) as a present from Chaotic is so is from B.Sirius...they use some great currently houses my ipod but I am thinking of what other treasures I can bestow upon it.


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