Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oliver + S Bubble Dress in Belle + Boo Fabric

Amelie in her 'Sleeping Beauty' Dress

In Nanny's Garden

Back Buttons

In action on the trampoline

Love this shot...apologies for the date but I couldn't crop it...also had to use a borrowed camera for these shots as the other camera was in action for a backs night!

I love this fabric and is now put away for's hoping the little one is good at forgetting!

I think I will leave the rest of the fabric stash on the shelf so I can look at it and smile a little bit longer!

18-24m for Amelie in Belle and Boo Fabric

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  1. Ok, I saw this on the Belle & Boo blog, so adorable. If you feel like making another & selling on Etsy I'd be very interested in buying it from you. It would fit my daughter perfectly. :) Adorable! Kudos to you! -Char (


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