Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clementine's Bubble Dress

Clementine with her Godfather Paul at the wedding of her Uncle Arlen and new Aunty Caz

The dress was meant to be for Christmas but the dress I had lined up for the wedding was very summery so I had this one in waiting!

The dress was mainly hidden all day as it was chilly and rainy so I have included some mucking around shots taken between the wedding and reception:

Back view with buttons

Left - 6-12m size for Clementine in fabric from Little Betty's giveaway


  1. Gosh I love these photos! How happy does baby Clem look! and I love the Bella Boo bubble dress

  2. I am sure that dress looks lovely, but I got distracted by Clementines smile. Adorable!

  3. Clementine's smile is so gorgeous! I love the shots of you mucking around ... especially the top one. The entire photo is lit up with her smile. Marvellous.


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