I'm Melting, I'm Melting

Glinda the Good Witch Size 1 and 3

Size 3

Size 1

Size 1

Size 3

That was me melting this afternoon when I finally finished the Glinda dresses in the heat of the afternoon....my workroom is really badly placed in the hottest part of the house...but I guess I am lucky to have one at all!

I want to add a couple of silver stars and butterflies to the costumes and I am making some silver shoes when I do all of the accessories. I decided not to make the crowns and appliques from the pattern as it was way too fiddly to be worth it and I picked up the crowns for a few dollars each!

So glad I got them done as this week was crazy busy!


  1. Those are just fantastic!
    Color me jealous; I wish I could sew.


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