The Failure Suit

A lovely (hmmm) little playsuit for Clementine....what you can see is the REALLY dodgy stitching and LOADS of little mistakes that made me decide not to make this part of her Christmas present but something to just chuck on and wear around the house...I used some of my lovely Anna Maria Horner fabric...and one good thing about this failure is that it didn't use up much of the fabric so I still have some to play with!

I used this tutorial here and tried to make it reversible...which I like but I think I will mostly use the side she is wearing in the top pic! Plus I think I needed thicker bias tape...

I thought you would like to see one of my many failures, although the photos make it look much better than it is...I was pretty sad when I realised I had stuffed it up but happy that I can look at the fabric all day long when looking after Clementine.


  1. The baby looks happy, and that's all that matters!
    It is lovely fabric, and considering how wonderful your non~fails are, I wouldn't be too down. "}


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