Liberty Tea Dress

I've had this special Liberty fabric for a while (wow almost a year!), waiting for the chance to use it!

I had one meter to work with and it was hard to find just the right pattern to best fit the fabric.

I ended up making up my own to utilise all the was close but I did it!

I used Simplicity 2180 as a base and made changes to the bodice. Firstly I extended the length and height by a few inches to compensate for the lack of panels. I used binding to finish off the edges and added little pleats to the shoulders!

It worked out really well and came together very quickly!


  1. Seriously 1 meter?? Amazing! I was just trying to find a good dress pattern for a meter of my own Liberty!! I was thinking the Gabby dress. Did you like that pattern?? You are an impressive dressmaker Thouraya!

  2. Beautiful! I haven't made a dress for myself before, mainly I make things for my kids. I think larger patterns scare me a bit! This is lovely.


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