Happy Mother's Day

With my girls and my new 'girl' Buffy!

This was my favourite movie in my teens years...so my husband has been hiding out in his studio this weekend working on this beautiful drawing for me! How amazing is it?!?!

Plus some other goodies...those who knew me way back when will also know how much of a Superman fan I was....the years have not changed me! Now there is just a little bit of Edward in the mix too!

How was your Mother's Day?

What did you get up to?

We spent the morning at Church with my Mum before heading to her house for a family lunch and then a quiet afternoon and evening at home with my little family...as you can see above I also got a bit of sewing in...an update on that tomorrow!


  1. looks like a lovely mothers day (lets be honest... any day that edward is a part of would be pretty great.. haha)!

    kel x


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