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I finished this little gem last night and today I need Add Imageto gently was and finish it before putting it in a frame and finding a suitable spot in the room of my ginger babies...

The rest of the day will be filled with swimming class - mini musos - fabric shopping - and then if we survive a BIG sleep for the girls while I finish some projects and plan the ones I have piled around my workroom.

For similar glimpses into craftiness head over HERE...

ALSO in the most exciting news to hit this blog I am currently sitting on 99 followers so if you wanna make my day you know what to do!

Glinda and Dorothy

PLUS there is only one more day to enter my dress giveaway...HERE


  1. Very cute! I love red heads :) Lots of my dollies have lovely hair .. i guess it my Irish roots ;)

  2. Ta da!! One hundred followers :) I think ginger is pretty awesome too. My husband has redhair and he is the best. Your cross stitch is very neat. Well done :)


  4. My husband gets a red beard when he doesn't shave...does that count? I prefer red hair on tops of heads though!

  5. I love those photos of yours!
    And those kids.....! They're so beautiful!


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