Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Apple Dumpling

well not quite...but Clementine will be dressed up as Apple Dumpling for Amelie and Willow's Strawberry Shortcake birthday party!

I finally found the was hiding in an old cookie tin in Amelie's cubby house...I know it's the first place I should have looked!

This is the second ruffle sunsuit I have made from the free tutorial at Little Betty and this time I added the apple applique - machine stitched onto the yellow circle which I then hand stitched onto the suit to give the handmade feel that goes with the vintage characters!

See the first suit HERE...this time I also didn't press the ruffles so they POP more!

Knowing my luck after making a summer suit it will be a freeeezing day but thankfully I have a long sleeved shirt and tights on standby....fingers crossed she keeps it clean for five minutes!


  1. We just recorded The Apple Dumpling Gang on tivo.
    The kids haven't had a chance to watch it yet due to our vacation, but I loved the movie as a kid.
    I just love that yellow ruffle!

  2. Wow - this is soooo lovely!!! I'm so glad you like the pattern and tutorial. I'll hopefully have some top secret sewing for you soon!! You probably know what I mean.

  3. If you still have this adorable outfit, would you consider selling it? I am planning a combination strawberry shortcake/apple dumpling birthday party for my 2 daughters this year, and it is so hard to find any cute apple dumpling outfits! Just email me at and let me know! thanks!


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