Umbrella Prints 2014 Trimmings Competition - Geometric Quilt Inspired Children's Clothes

This year I was excited to take part in the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition!

I have been experimenting with making the most of beautiful quilting scraps with my Rainbow Window Quilt, so I thought this would be an excellent challenge!

I ordered a set of blues and here was what arrived in my surprise pack:

I designed a range of children's clothes and bags, each featuring a quilt design through piecing or layering.

It was fun to design on the go and layer the prints into the black fabric to help them POP!

My favourite is the Heart Dress I made for Clementine - I love how well the quilting fits into the bodice.

Amelie's Shooting Star / Flower Dress was so much fun to make - each Umbrella Prints fabric was stitched together with a black piece and ironed out and layered again. If you look closely you can see the layers of fabric all around!

To finish off their outfits I made the girls a little Cat Bag each - the face is stitched with some cute prints for the ears!

Atticus' Big Butt pants used a range of fabric stitched onto the back panel of the pants!

It's so much fun to watch him getting around now! He is 11 months old today and not long till he will be off and running!

The kids love their new clothes...and have been finding treasures in the garden to fill their new bags!

Thanks Umbrella Prints - We had so much fun!

Go and check out the other entries HERE and comment on your favourites for the people's choice award!

You can find ours HERE!


  1. beautiful work - I'll be pin voting for you for sure x

  2. What fantastic outfits. Those cat bags are wonderful.
    Ali xx


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