Fort Firefly (The Fabric Obsession Series)

Fort Firefly by Teagan White is another illustrative fabric series that I fell in love with this year while hunting for quilting fabric for Clementine.
I found another lovely series for Clementine (see it HERE!) but could not let this one go!

I ended up spending some birthday money on a bag from Society 6 (see all her amazing designs HERE!)

Then after a while I thought I really should get some fabric as well...

I decided to make a Washi Dress...and played around adding a range of different trims and altering the back to use a casing instead of shirring:

I made a faux-collar with some trim as to not interrupt the pattern too much!

And then it was done:

It didn't feel quite right so I played around with it and found it worked much better as a tunic:

Then with the excess fabric I made a skirt for Clementine:

and one for Amelie!

It was great to work with such lovely fabric and not a scrap of it went to waste!

Do you have a favourite fabric you have been crushing on?


  1. Nice way to make a dress, modify it a bit, make an extra smaller skirt (or two), and waste none... Nicely done, mama

  2. Gorgeous! I love it as a dress, but you know I'm a dress girl! :)

  3. All your creations look lovely in that darling fabric!


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