Charming Floor Cushion

I love it when one little sewing job can solve so many things!

I hate to waste fabric and thus I have a HUGE amount of scraps. I even held onto all my red and white Ponyo left overs with a vague notion of one day creating a cross quilt...until today! 

The need for a floor cushion arose in our home and I jumped at the chance to use my scraps as filling! In fact it used up every last scrap...and could probably use a few more!

I was so excited (as I am in a clear out mode) and this removed any guilt I would have had if this fabric ended up in the bin!

For the cushion I used a lovely Prints Charming fabric that I've had put away for a while and I followed this DIY from Made by Rae! I would have loved to have done the piping but I didn't have enough at home and I was impatient to get a-sewing!


  1. It looks so comfy! How do the scraps compare to using actual stuffings?


  2. Yes, how do the scraps compare to stuffing and you must have needed an awful lot of scraps to stuff it.

  3. The scraps are heavier and firmer which works well for a floor cushion. It took a tub and a half full of scraps - if I made another I'd ,ake it about half or two thirds the size I think!

  4. So cute! Kids really do love floor cushions. I must make more :)

  5. My daughter would love something like this! Cute fabric!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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