Studio Spring Clean Reveal!

This week we've been working hard painting and cleaning up the house!

Here is the big reveal with before and after shots!


My messy and poorly painted room!


The first step was to clear everything out of the insane to I accumulate so much stuff?

Then Andy got stuck in and painted it all for me...another HUGE task!

 (a quick snap at night before I moved everything back in!)

 Once it was back in I had to sort through this fine pile...


And then finally after much sorting, cleaning, and chucking out I have a nice clean and freshly painted room to work with!

Here's a little tour around my studio for you:

Now time to get stuck into some big sewing jobs!

(and to get some updated photos of Clementine and Atticus for the studio!)


  1. How inspiring! Our attic looks like your "before" pictures and I wonder why I don't have time to's because I can never find what I need!!
    Visiting from Frontier Dreams! Here's my craft of the week:

  2. Your studio looks wonderful, I love the color you picked and it looks so neat and tidy. Nice job!

  3. Impressive Thouraya! I need to do the same, phew where to put everything? Haha. Looks like a lovely space.


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