The Christmas Season That Was 2011

There was:
  • A First Molar for Clementine that cut through at 1am Christmas morning and kept us all up!
  • Happy faces on Christmas morning...Clementine had a big sleep in after that tooth and took her time getting to her Santa sack!
  • Day trips to Canberra - having fun riding around the lake...on both 2 and 4 wheels...bowling and a lunch at Hogs Breath Cafe (a dream for the kiddies)!
  • A Bush walk with Jem to visit the fairy ring and leave them a message!
  • Meeting new little baby Tao - who thankfully survived a near death experience on Christmas Day to be with us on Boxing Day! Looks like he'll be wearing his Terminator onesie soon!
  • And hours upon hours of fun with the extended family!

Now we are back home and getting ready to spruce up our studio spaces and get to work!

I can't wait to see what gets created this year!


  1. awesome stash - looks like they had a great day! loved seeing you guys - if only we could do it more then once a year!xx


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