Cubby removed to a new scenic location!


...new white sewing table on the left...the old one for cutting and screen printing on the right!

A new red chair for my 'assistant' Amelie so she can stop stealing mine!

New drawers...

...filled with goodies

And a kiddie nook...though they really just make mess where they please!

Studio Clean Up and Re-Design

To start the new year both my husband and I have undertaken a huge studio clean out and new set up of our respective spaces. 

This was a HUGE undertaking which involved a much anticipated trip to IKEA and then the much less anticipated task of putting it all together.

It took us just over three days to clean everything out and set it all up properly...I still have to sort through all my fabrics and scraps to organise and declutter!

It's all set up now but I have to decorate the walls...I will do some of it this week but I think it will mostly grow over time. I am hoping for BRIGHT colours and beautiful fabrics. One of the first sewing jobs this year will be new curtains for this room and for the girls too!

Please send me any links of inspirational studios - I am on the hunt for some more ideas!

Projects 2012

This year we have many fun and adventurous times ahead of us and I hope to achieve the following:

Start Screen Printing Designs - both mine and Andy's

Post at least one Tutorial a month - I've a few tutorials I have been meaning to post so this will 'encourage' me!

Sew less clothes for the girls - they have enough and I have spent a lot of time sorting out their wardrobes and they don't want for anything!

Sew Some Travel Clothes for Me - yes there is exciting travel news on the horizon...so I need a few new threads for the trip!

Op Shop Less - Only go if I NEED something and then try to stick to that...this will be tough but I have just cleaned up and am trying to take in less!

Make new stock for my ETSY/Made It Shops and photograph everything I have in my sale box at home to list!

Travel to England, Scotland and Paris! 

We are finally heading off on a much awaited trip to Europe together after much hard work and saving one of our dreams is coming true! We are leaving the little ones in the capable hands of their grandparents and heading off in March to roadtrip around England, Scotland and Paris!

Any tips for great shops will be appreciated - fingers crossed I can duck into some fabric shops while my husband's back is turned...but Liberty is a MUST!

Research, Write, Photograph, Exhibit - I am going to plot out time to really do some research and have some quiet time to develop a project - I have loads of ideas I am just missing the time to develop them!

I might make quilts for the girls - or plan them - maybe make one for Amelie's 5th Birthday - and so on for Clementine and the future kidlets!

Create and maintain an exercise program - keep it simple - little bits each day that will add up

Build a home studio - lights and backdrop

This is my main to-do list for the year...I'm sure more things will crop up and some things may never get done but there it is...and I am off to begin it all!


  1. Good work Thouraya :)

    Is that a paper recycling kit I spy?

  2. Oh and don't start the quilts until you get a rotary cutter! You will love it

  3. Wow Paris, yeah! Last year I posted a blog re my fabric shopping in Paris, and other interesting shops I visit when I visit Paris. One you must visit is La Dougerie the most amazing wool, bead, fabric shop you will ever step into. Pop by my blog post and have a read. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures this year. Happy new year !

  4. Thanks!

    Katie - yes I have my old faithful paper recycling kit from my youth...in the hopes that I will make some paper with the girls one day! I have also made sure to remove the old blade from my rotary cutter so I don't forget and use it!

    Roberta - I LOVE your Paris post - I have bookmarked it...and will hopefully be able to sneak away from the hubby for a bit!


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