A Very Brown Owls Christmas

On Sunday we had our Brown Owls Christmas Party!

The girls and I made some Miffy gingerbread biscuits - I took a before shot as I wasn't sure how they'd go in our new (old) oven! But they turned out pretty cute! 

The girls did some taste testing to make sure they were A-OK to take along!

For my KK present I made some Vintage Tea Bunting - made from vintage linens cut in half (or thirds) and sewn with red bias binding! I got the idea from HERE!

My final gift looked like this:

Festive Craft Kit from The Red Thread...my Vintage Tea Bunting...a set of hair clips...and a diary...can you tell I had a bit of a colour theme going?!

With the left over bias and some mini doilies I also made some mini-bunting which I have been moving around the house till it's finds a permanent seasonal home! 

And here - presented by Amelie - is the wonderful gift I received from a fellow Owl Katie! The Prints Charming Book (HURRAH - I am hoping to start screen printing this summer!) - Cookie Cutters (bring on the next batch of Gingerbread!) - and STAMPS - a Camera one and a 'Made with Love' one...Amelie has been playing with the cutters as if they were characters and has been begging to make more gingerbread!

I was also blessed with a birthday present from Lara...an awesome Alice book with so many great projects...I can't wait till the holidays to start some!

It was a great afternoon and I feel so blessed to be able to meet up with intelligent crafty women!


  1. It was a lovely afternoon! I will have to plan my weekends better in future to make sure I can come along more often!


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