Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cinderella, You're As Lovely as Your Name

Today I finished the Cinderella Costume for Amelie for Christmas!

An in process shot of the white bustle - I gathered the length and hand stitched it at the waistline (centre back)

The front view where I used the same technique to gather and hand-stitch to the centre front waistline.

I love the way the fabric works on the sleeves. It is stiff enough to keep the nice puffy shape! 

Fit for a princess!

and now the model princess...

She was not impressed when she realised the deal she struck to have a turn in the dress was in exchange for a photo session...she was under the impression that she was going for a swing around the clothesline!

But check out this awesome attempt a smile below...there's my girl!

She later requested a photo of her and Clementine together...sweet!


Another Christmas dress down and hidden away....only Jem to go...although I am tempted to make a couple more for Clementine to even things out!

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  1. The dress is fabulous! The first photo of Amelie is priceless.


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