Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make It Count

Today we had a visit from a dear friend who bought some amazing treats over - I forgot to photogrpah them when they were whole...but they were stunning...and delicious!

Amelie and I collected flowers and made flower fairies...when I left her to her own devices she liked painting the glue on more than adding the flowers!

She also loved making a flower vase out of a used overlocker thread spool!

For lunch I made a yummy Lebanese bread pizza which I put under the grill as our oven is still out of commission!

Last Wednesday we went for a long walk to the post office and back and the girls...Amelie didn't want to do any craft but that suited me as it gave me time to get some more market stock done!

Join in and share a link to something you did this week to make it count!


  1. I made it count by visiting my lovely friend and her cute little girls, and by eating tasty treats! And in the afternoon I spent 3 hours cleaning the bathroom thoroughly (including the window, the walls and the cupboard).

  2. WOW - great work...they are some very lucky friends :-)


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