Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sewing Plans

I thought I would share with you some sewing plans I have in the mix:

I'm sure the girls need another dress right?!?!

Taking Notes Skirt: Another free tutorial this one from Sewing in No Man's Land! It also comes in Mini (below) - I love it and I want to make one for me and one for each of the girls!

I have been itching to make something from my Stylish Dress Book (above) and I am going to do it! This week I swear! I am going to start with Dress E which is featured on the cover! I have been looking at some blogs of people who have made it and see I will need to add some length as the patterns are designed for a height of 160cm! So another 20cm should do it (I am hoping for just above knee length)

Review from Tessuti

Review from Little Cumulus

I also found this which reminded me of a mini version of dress e which I might attempt for the girls one day! Found HERE! I have just realised it is another adult dress but in my mind it is a mini dress! Funnily enough I thought the dress below was a little girls dress when it's actually for women too!

I desperately want to make some screen printed fabric like the one above to line my capes - hopefully some awesome prints for boy will come out of it too!

In addition this week I have 2 custom order to make - a Ponyo Costume and a Summer of White Dress! HURRAH!

What sewing plans have you got on the horizon?


  1. I have had that book for like two years with still no sewing coming from it...i was fearful that it would end up looking sack-like on me due to my large breasts. I really don't want to be mistaken as pregnant..not good for the self esteem. Cant wait to see what you do.

  2. I have just finished off three new samples, little smocks for autumm and winter. Deciding what I will do for bottoms. I am in a sewing frenzy and ideas are popping out of my head and going all over the place, the sailor won't be able to walk through the door this afternoon.


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