Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Make It Count

This is my new mantra every Wednesday as I have been given a new day off with my husband going back to work! So I am going to MAKE IT COUNT! Every Wednesday I am going to change it up and take one exhibit worthy photo, do a creative activity with the girls and do something healthy for all of us....and maybe bake a bit!

(Hair by Amelie)

Basically having a relaxing day with the girls without having to think about sewing - because I will still have plenty of time for that Thu-Sun!

Today we built a tent cubby in the backyard and had sleepovers...we took lots of photos, walked to the post box and back and made blueberry muffins!

It was a great day - very relaxing time with two happy little girls!

Join in if you want and one thing each week...from little things big things grow!

1 comment:

  1. Make it count linky - love it! I share the same approach with my days off with my Amelie. Will go through the archives and hopefully link up with you soon.


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