Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 January 2010 Daily Inspiration

Above is my work for the December theme of CELEBRATE. I wanted to create a collage that captured the spirit of our Christmas celebration this year - a season of creating, giving and sharing.
Row 1: Centrepiece, Bredbo Carols, Moonwalker Game, Sydney Christmas, Lights in Cooma.
Row 2: Christmas Dinner, Hanging Amelie's First Ornament on the Tree, Handing out Presents Wrapped in Hand Painted Paper, Three Handmade Dresses Blowing in the Wind, Painting Christmas Paper.
Row 3: Christmas Day Rain, Bredbo Carols, Star on Top of the Tree, Poppy Doll, Unwrapping.
Row 4: Christmas Morning, Poppy Dolls, New Piano, Stuffing Face at Bredbo Carols, Christmas Morning.
Row 5: Centrepiece, Handing out Presents Wrapped in Hand Painted Paper, Centrepiece, Amelie and Willow with Poppy Dolls, Candle.

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