Friday, January 29, 2010

29 January 2010 Daily Inspiration

I need a little help from my friends....I have been playing around with these ghostly images and was trying to decide on which crop I like best. I cannot I am putting it out to all of you!!
Which one do you like the best (and if you want to go the distance - Why?) :





For your trouble I will pick a commenter at random (either here or on Facebook) to send a little surprise to!


  1. For me it is between four and five. I like four because it is a little clearer yet still has a nice ghostly quality to it. I live five because the standing on tippy toes is an enchanting image... so I'm afraid I probably haven't helped by choosing one - but I've narrowed it down a little bit.
    They're all sweet.

  2. For me it's between two and four, with a slight lean towards four.

  3. I love 4..........

  4. I love that bottom one (five, I guess it is) and the top one too. the first one makes me wonder where she's sneaking off to. and number five has a very light, almost weightless feeling. and the colors are lovely.


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