Happy Halloween 2016

Clementine as Wednesday Addams!

I made her dress with The Clementine Dress Pattern - adding sleeves and front buttons! I also made the doll dress to match! Andy did her make up to match the black and white Addams Family series!

Amelie is loving Harry Potter at the moment so she went as Voldemort! She had green snake eye contacts and Andy did an AMAZING job with her make up!

Atticus was Dark Helmet from Spaceballs! I made his tie and bloomers - though they are so dark you can hardly see them! He loved this year and really got into walking around and visiting all the houses!

This year we carved 2 pumpkins and one watermelon for Amelie!

And off we go!


  1. Oh they are incredible costumes, and WOW to Amelie's make up - I thought she was wearing a mask when I first glanced at the photos!

  2. Wonderful! These are all perfect!

  3. great costumes! My daughter went as Wednesday Addams this year, no kids knew who she was at school, only the teachers did.


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